Toying with a new idea: a database of domains under each host site (square, Wix, Shopify etc), their traffic level, country location, categories etc for digital marketers to find new clients

Working on a demo data sheet now

How do you get initial traction for your product?

My go to is to find out where my audience hang out, scrape data, write up a copy and start iterative outbound email marketing

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Value is not money. You have to turn value into money. Market it, and sell it.

This is the second step of the formula. What do you think is the first?

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Should you fall in love with the product you are building?

Yes - Passion can take you to the moon
No - It's gonna blind you from the red flags

What do you think?
Remember, there are 2 definitions of "build'

1 = Product development (features, UI, UX)
2 = Business development (marketing, sales, launches)

#buildinpublic #indiehacker #SaaS has been focusing on serving artists and freelance designers so far.

But serial makers like us could also use a professional link in bio page to link all your content: your twitter, blog, url to projects that you are working on etc

Created a 30 sec demo video for What do you think?

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Our google search console's click trend is very similar to our email marketing efforts. Almost the exact shape.

Does that mean people are googling us instead of clicking the link in email?

What are your favourite marketing channels for #saas?

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Focusing on marketing, marketing and marketing!
I am gonna talk to more artists and show them how @linkdeck_me can make their lives easier!

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Do things that don't scale till you start seeing a positive pattern. And then start writing code

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