Added some ui improvements to to make it super usable on mobile. The quick popup menu is perfect for fast navigation and streaming your ideas for tweets fast as well as a quick search for all challenges/drafts/scheduled.
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d29 #buildinpublic
Spent the day rebuilding the editor and it’s very close to being done. I can’t wait to release it! Spent some time away from Twitter as well which has dialled in my focus 🧘‍♂️ .
Finally had a big breakthrough on a problem I was having on tweet weaver. Unfortunately sometimes these things take time and you just have to grind things out. Hopefully a big change will get pushed in tomorrow. #buildinpublic ...nearly....a week off work.... WOOO 🥳 time to make some progress on tweet weaver! I’ve got big goals for this time off and I’ll be doing it all in public! #buildinpublic
If Dall-E2 can get really good at wireframes would you use it to design your website?

Not sure if this is even possible but would be cool to test out and a great way to get leverage.

Some feedback I'm going to be working on when I get some spare time this week. courtesy of @tomfallowfield and @ModestMitkus. It hurts to hear the truth sometimes but it's extremely helpful.

d28 #buildinpublic @buidlinpublic

I ended up paying for tiptap but who would have thought the world of text editors are so complicated and in depth. I underestimated how long media upload features would take on the editor. Buidl in the long run will be better. Must. Finish.
d27 #buildinpublic @buidlinpublic

Spent the day experimenting with new text editors for buidl. I wasted a fair bit of time going with tiptap and went to implement emoji support 😢, turns out you have to pay.
d26 #buildinpublic

Abstracted and refactored a whole of routes to accomodate for media uploads. I'll get the whole day to get media support into the routes on top of this.

I slapped things together when I first started and don't feel bad about only refactoring now.

Another goal I have this week is to just add one user a day (2/7 so far) to do this I'm going to try:

-Find Highly Targeted Users
-Send them a Highly Personalised DM

Any other tips?

In a large market if you cover the shortfalls of your competitors there is room for everyone at the table.

A hot tip I heard recently is reading the reviews/forums of similar products and target the customers problems that they can't move fast enough to serve.
d25 #buildinpublic @buidlinpublic

Got the walkthrough down today so now I have an onboarding process! Checkout the video out below. Now onto a bunch of small little tasks, then media support which should take a couple days.
d24 #buildinpublic @buidlinpublic

Plans for coding week:

1. Create a walkthrough
2. Add full media support across all features
3. Add Analytics to dashboard
4. Work on the bookmarking feature

Going to trial getting up earlier and working/working out before work.
d23 #buildinpublic @buidlinpublic

Working on a new feature for buidl where I automate a report that at varying frequencies will be tweeted/email.

I've laid down the basis the UI and will work from there. What do you think? Any other details you'd like implemented?
d22 #buildinpublic @buidlinpublic
Spent some time today tightening up the landing page and the wording around it

I've got my marketing hat 🎩 on this week which is something I need to get better at

It's one thing to code but a paying happy customer is always the end goal🎯
d21 #buildinpublic @buidlinpublic

Had the day off today, enjoying road tripping to South Australia and daydreaming 💭 about what the next phase of buidl involves 📈.

Got lots of big plans and plenty of interest from people about features they would want/ pay for.