If you're building a lifestyle business or going all-in, you're gonna wanna' read @AnthonyCastrio's story! πŸš€

Today's First User Friday's story dives into how he got the idea of and found Indie Worldwide its first users!πŸ˜ƒ…

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After collecting most flows from 9 apps gonna work on making W3Design mobile-responsive, doubt that I'll able to finish today though🀞

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Excited to have @AnthonyCastrio on First User Fridays tomorrow!

It's a brief convo but full of really insightful stuff β™₯️

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hookgenie's DAUs been staying around the 50 - 100 range in the past few weeks, probably the most users i've had in a product i've built 😁

all without active marketing!

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improved w3design's filtering with sticky group headers and filter groups β™₯️

tbh i got it from mobbin, what's that one line about great artists steal haha

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Got 171 just this week for Hookgenie! πŸŽ‰

It looks like most users are coming from non-english native speaking countries, which makes a lot of sense actually

Surprisingly I've been doing zero-marketing in two months cause' I've been working on W3Design lately πŸ˜…

Got 295 users for Hookgenie just this week and I haven’t been working on it at all for 2 months now…

No paid users yet unfortunately haha

The traffic most likely came from Betalist 😁

Morning everyone 🌀️

Today's First User Fridays Issue features
@thisissukh_, on how he got Launchman .com its first users πŸš€

Chill convo, and a lot of insights about pricing and product strategy from Sukh besides how to acquire users!…

Morning everyone 🌀️

Today's First User Fridays Issue features @satvikpendem, how he went viral on Reddit and got 18,000+ users when he launched Darkmodes .com πŸš€

Really awesome convo with plenty of insights! Thanks for the time Satvik!…

Just got a 300 USDC airdrop from Uniswap just by using Genie a few months ago πŸ«°πŸ’°

Collected the user flow and screens for it too for W3Design since it's a one-time thing! Win-win! πŸ’–

For product designers in Web 3 here ya go!…

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can’t wait to release to the 123 people that signed up three weeks ago

sorry to keep everyone waiting haha πŸ˜…

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Trouble finding users? πŸ€”

Here's how @yogesharc grew Remote3, a niche job board, to 1,600+ users in a few months. πŸš€

You might get some value out of this, I definitely did!

Thanks again for the time Yogesh!

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Trouble finding users? πŸ€”

Here's how Tim @Timb03 grew @pallyysocial from 1 to 24k+ users!

Thanks for sharing Tim! 😁

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checked out most of the tasks yesterday, just got a few more payments related workflows and conditionals for today

time to exit twitter and focus

here's how you get a group focus element to open while an input is in focus in @bubble

useful for:
- search bars and its results
- multi-select inputs and options

(spoiler alert, it doesn't involve a group focus element!)

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got a lot done yesterday, but still a few more things to get through today...