This is the user flow design. The process of the magic that is going to happen with shortening the URL.
This is how the #frontend is going to communicate with the backend and database. A long URL is sent to the server and a short URL is returned to the user after doing some magic on the #backend side.
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What do you think ?
Building a URL shortener web application using ReactJS, NodeJS and Firebase. The FERN stack I call it >lol<😂. Building it because I always wondered how URL shorten services work.

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My planning phase of the BG remover project
To remove background from images

Client side ⇒
- ReactJS
- Redux & RTK
- React Router v6
- Materialize
Backend ⇒
- NodeJS
- ExpressJS
- Firebase

Targeting the web platform.
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The timeline I created for the web application ‘Removy’ I am currently building. Do you also create timelines for your personal projects?

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