I'm building a Chrome Extension to help indie hackers show their projects in a beautiful way 👀

• Preview websites on different devices
• Custom backgrounds
• Nice-looking screen recordings (coming soon)

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Hey indie hackers!

What do you use to screen record the progress of your websites / web apps?

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There is no worse feeling than coming up with a great app idea just to find out it already exists and is doing GREAT 🥸

If you could give a solo founder one marketing tip what would it be? 👇

Seeing a steady increase in subscription numbers is one of the best feelings. 🎉

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Twice a week I send new remote marketing job offers + share marketing tips. 📖

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Here is a random link generated from filters:…

here is the rendered page with a formatted title, description, and selected filters 🪄

💡 If you could finish the same work in half the time, what would you do with that extra time? 🤔

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If you could ask a successful indie project founder only ONE question, what would it be? 🤔

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