I just lined up 25 backlinks for clients ranging DR55-DR67 in a 1.5 hr deep work sesh

Link #BuildInPublic
Something I really appreciate in @InstantlyAI:

It's easy to see the daily capacity of an outreach email account

From a glance, I can tell how many more leads I can contact today πŸ™

Backlink #BuildInPublic #SEO
The only reason #BuildInPublic isn't a bigger movement is because Zuckerberg started it live-blogging his Hot or Not clone for Harvard
This is what effective backlink building through guest blogs looks like #BuildInPublic #SEO
Ending the week on a high note!

@GrowSurf bootstrapped our way to 40k MRR 🍜 #BuildInPublic
strong disagree.

Keep it private until it’s done.

People love to ruin things.
What's the first thing you check in the morning?

@GrowSurf MRR for me!

I write about:
β€’ SEO
β€’ Referral Marketing
β€’ Scaling GrowSurf to $1M ARR, bootstrapped!

You win some, you lose some.

Starting the month off with a churned account doesn't feel great but that's a reality of the SaaS game

#BuildInPublic @GrowSurf
@Codishaa There's new value in transparency.

#BuildInPublic is a choice that's not for everyone
@MeetKevon I'll throw this on today while working!

We recently did a blog on the #BuildInPublic movement at @GrowSurf πŸ’ͺ Open startups are the future!…
Despite being our heaviest churning month $-wise, we might still hit our monthly net revenue goal 😲😲😲 #BuildInPublic @GrowSurf
@bsmithgeek @GrowSurf 1. Old users that don't fit within our target audience

2. Companies that have not been in contact with customer success (not setting up @GrowSurf properly)

3. Users that sign up and don't log in (ignore all contact points from us and eventually churn)

We broke a lot of @GrowSurf records this month!

Highest new revenue
Highest upgrades revenue
Highest reactivations

😞 Highest churn

@ProfitWell #BuildInPublic
Q4 planning for @GrowSurf feels great πŸ”₯

βœ”οΈ Content Machine
βœ”οΈ Backlink Machine
βœ”οΈ CSM Processes

Next up for us?

Kicking churn in the ass
Blog CRO

This pending validation fix is the bane of my existence currently

Really thinking about just updating the URL and throwing a 301 down to get it indexed

#BuildInPublic @GrowSurf
It's been a strong month of growth for @GrowSurf...and one of our highest churn months as well 😞

If you're going to #BuildInPublic, it's important to share your losses - not just your wins