We tripled up search impressions for this client in the last 30 days

Traffic is on a slow, steady climb that's nowhere close to this but it's a strong indicator of SEO progress

What's next?

Backlink building to pages ranked 6-11 to improve organic traffic

#BuildInPublic #SEO
Elon Musk is reminding us that #BuildInPublic isn't just about sharing your wins, but your losses and experiments along the way
Starting the day bright and early with @_AmandaLaine powering through some on page SEO and training material for new staff

Our oldest client at @SpacebarSEO just 2x'd their contract with us

@_AmandaLaine will not only be increasing our content velocity, but also scaling their internal team's content velocity

Couldn't be prouder, she's absolutely killing it in the SEO game πŸ’•

Easy come, easy go.

4 of my email outreach domains are in poor standing after a campaign where I forgot the email verification step, welp

I guess it's time to buy more domains

my morning:

2 sales calls
1 podcast
4 guest blogs to submit

(Backlink) #BuildInPublic
just sent out 2 SEO proposals to SLICK startups that I really want in my portfolio

fingers crossed! #buildinpublic
Added 16 guest blogs to the pipeline this week!

Backlink #BuildInPublic
I just lined up 25 backlinks for clients ranging DR55-DR67 in a 1.5 hr deep work sesh

Link #BuildInPublic
Something I really appreciate in @InstantlyAI:

It's easy to see the daily capacity of an outreach email account

From a glance, I can tell how many more leads I can contact today πŸ™

Backlink #BuildInPublic #SEO
The only reason #BuildInPublic isn't a bigger movement is because Zuckerberg started it live-blogging his Hot or Not clone for Harvard
This is what effective backlink building through guest blogs looks like #BuildInPublic #SEO
Ending the week on a high note!

@GrowSurf bootstrapped our way to 40k MRR 🍜 #BuildInPublic
strong disagree.

Keep it private until it’s done.

People love to ruin things.