Should be good to merge this late tonight. I got soooo much new stuff! I will start showcasing everything tomorrow 🚀…

Its getting real 😍 quick screenshots of on my new 12.9 ipad

I will dedicate the month of June to demoing, marketing and showcasing all of

I plan (hope) to open the IDE cloud version to the public during that time

Tonight I built a todo app on my iPad using 🤩 It might sound trivial, but building a dev workspace usable on iPad is no easy task and I am finally starting to have a good feel on the one I’m building 🥹 Public release this summer 🚀
I will start dynamically fetching types into your working environment to achieve full typesafety and ts completion with external Rest API 🙃

How many hours did we lost with postman, console.log(response) and reading unmaintained docs?

I dreamt so bad of sharing this notification out here on #buildinpublic 🥲
Finally got my first customer through cloud service 🎉
This solopreneur/indie hacker journey is filled with doubtful and confusing times
But those little wins makes it all worth it
It's docker, typescript and git running in a docker container. It's served as a PWA with @xtermjs and @codemirror. It can run on your machine, your own web server or in the cloud. It's your web dev environment always ready for you. On any device, from anywhere.
My third IDE iteration is actually getting usable! It's lightweight, portable, remote, always ready. Should be able to deploy it on my own infra this week and start testing it more seriously.

Check out this demo video on a 2014 iPad Air 2.
I'm still working hard on making the next big release of stable and usable. Today, I manage to setup a demo on @stackblitz to showcase a bit of the DX.

Try it out! ESM, TS, HMR, SSR 🚀…

#buildinpublic #webdev
JS Proxy is quite a weird and magical object. Paired with TypeScript you can make insane stuff behind the scene.

I just implemented it in my super light RPC framework. Check it out :…

It really ups your productivity!
#buildinpublic #webdev
Currently trying to stabilize It’s now an esm typescript end-to-end typesafe with hmr on frontend and hot reload on backend running with docker on premise setup 🤯 comes built-in with deploy and backup scripts without any vendor lock in 🚀

1 year since I started my #buildinpublic journey! Let’s keep going!

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
My simple HMR experiments now works with React!

There is still a load of stuff to figure out.
The code is trash atm, but I'm pretty excited to have made this personal breakthrough!

Try it out on @stackblitz…

#webdev #buildinpublic
Ok it's happening. Started a dead simple hot module reload PoC.

Let's add typescript, esbuild and a bunch of stuff in there!

Try it out here :…

#buildinpublic #webdev
Okk after an attempt to a rpc-like client-server framework, I'm digging into Hot Module Reload.

Some libraries already have a solid implementation of HMR, but let's bring this to a leaner and more generic approach!

My 2023 lean and efficient toolset #webdev

Git: @giteaio
Web Hosting: @awscloud Lightsail
DNS/CDN: @Cloudflare
Storage: @Minio
Analytics: @PlausibleHQ
Editor: @zeddotdev
Error Logging: Looking for light solution

AMA #buildinpublic
I've been working a lot on making a better tool and a more versatile one.…

I wrote about what it's about to become and why I went into this mayhem

Did 3 deployments and 2 SSL certificate renews with in the first hour this morning. Realizing that your daily tool is what you've been working on for the past year is such a great feeling.

So excited! I finally managed to reach my alpha tag release 🚀 Every command is now independent and it's now possible to use as a whole OR for a single functionality. I really look forward to onboard people and businesses for both use case.