Tweet, my simple image cropping app, is on reddit, if you've got any feedback or comments!… #buildinpublic #webapp #webdev #reddit now supports friendly URLs! Create cropper presets for your clients or yourself with names you'll remember. Better for bookmarking, too! #buildinpublic #GraphicDesign #webdesigner #publishing #webdev
My new little free image cropper,, doesn’t use any PHP frameworks. Sometimes it’s fun to just write some plain ol PHP. Keeping it simple! (It does use jQuery lite and sass to make development fast) #buildinginpublic #buildinpublic #mvp #webdevelopment
And I already redesigned it! :-) I'd love any feedback on the workflow and the wording, especially for non-techy types. #buildinpublic #webdev #Webdesign #MVP
It's live! I just put up the first simplest MVP version of I have clients who need to crop images but are not technical. This way I can send them direct links to pre-configured croppers. #buildinpublic #MVP
I love apps that work without requiring a login. Users don’t realize it’s an act of generosity on today’s internet. Big shout to @coolors_co for this. #productdesign #webdev #buildinpublic
My non-techy freelance clients struggle to crop images as needed for their WordPress site. Today I started hobbling together a solution. It will be another small, free utility web app. Stay tuned! #buildinpublic
Finally cracked the code (pun intended) I’ve been stuck on for two weeks. Such a relief. I haven’t gotten stumped like that in a long time. #buildinpublic #codeinpublic
I’m rebuilding Timerdoro in React (again) and got stuck on the best place to put the setInterval. I asked the same question in a few different Slack communities for help. It’s very telling the difference in help I got. #Reactjs #webdev #buildinpublic
Timerdoro rebuild is coming along well. Pausing timers is back! And a little bit of redesign to freshen things up and work better on mobile. #buildinpublic
Two weeks ago I released It's a simple solution for a little point of mine - what is the current status of all of the projects? After a weekend of coding, it solves the problem, but I'm not actually sure what it is yet. Input welcome! #buildinpublic
I usually have no problem releasing buggy MVPs, but in a red ocean, I feel like my MVP needs to be bulletproof. Is this true? If you're competing with speed boats, you need to start with something better than a leaky canoe, right? #buildinpublic
When attempting to "disrupt" a crowded market, most articles talk about exceptional marketing to make a splash. Can an exceptional, fundamentally different approach to solving the problem have the same effect? #buildinpublic
The time tracking marketing is crowded, but I think there are only a couple that have most of the market share. But the tail is long. This is one of those "easy" apps most new devs build, I think. #buildinpublic
This year I started freelancing again, so I had to try every time tracking app again. I think it's a product space that needs some new life, and new ideas. #buildinpublic
I had an idea for a simple web app. I built it. Only after days of work did I realize it should be built into the *last* simple web app I built. Sometimes I really need to stop and think first. How many other saas/web app devs have adhd? All of us? #buildinpublic #adhd
Wow, great list of websites! #buildinpublic…
34 Excellent Websites for Web Developer 🤩

99.8% don't know all of them.

Super Handy Thread 🧵↓
No one wants to admit it, but our work often takes as long as it takes. Emphasize progress over results. Are you at least making progress towards a clear goal, most days, without burning out? Then you're doing great. #buildinpublic #webdeveloper
I'm nervous about posting this but #buildinpublic! My first brain dump advocating WordPress as a framework for building web apps is live! #saas #wp #wordpress #webapps
I was irresponsible today and spent most of it learning a new JavaScript library. But I know it will make all of my future projects better. And man, it was fun to feel excited. #javascript #buildinpublic #webapp