I've been trying my hand at some outreach

And it hasn't been successful

So I'm going to take some time to reorganise

- I'll develop better notion pages
- Develop some solid spreadsheets

And once I reorganise. I'll be in a better spot to do outreach

I've now sent a couple of emails to potential clients

Im now going to take some time to:

- Finish setting up the Pure Sky Twitter Account with a banner

- Take some time to review my offer to try and make it stand out

Next step in building my side projects

I've started practising using Jenkins.

I then created two VM's on google cloud.

One for Jenkins to manage CI/CD and then one for my front end.

Hoping to get all my CI/CD set up before I start developing the Backend

As a little side project to practice my cloud skills and learn GCP, I'm going to be building a small app and documenting the process

I'm going to be building a personal finance app

It will hopefully have a few features for tracking crypto as well

I also spend a good portion of today developing a microservice application for my course

Hopefully going to get all of the microservices connected tomorrow using Kubernetes and then I can look at setting up a reverse proxy and CI/CD pipelines

#cloudComputing #buildinpublic
Spend today learning how to use Framer Motion

I'm hopefully going to start adding some cool animations to my portfolio now to really bring it to life

#buildinpublic #GithubRefresh #webdev #freelancer
Decided to practice some web design in the Shopify Droppshipping E-Commerce Niche and came up with this mockup


#buildinpublic #dropshipping #Shopify #webdev
@NickPickCodes Made my first contribution to Byteloop with:…

It is just a simple schema for the DB. Let me know what you guys think. There might be some changes to make down the line but this is a good start

Portfolio Update:

- I made the image on the home page responsive
- I added Next.js to the list of skills
- I added Byteloop to my list of projects
- Changed the background colour in light mode

Let me know what you think!👇

#buildinpublic #SoftwareDeveloper #portfolio #webdev
Updated my Portfolio Website

- Styled the Mobile Navbar so that you can see it in dark mode
- Fixed padding on the skills section
- Added an in progress section to the blog index

Still got a few more bits to touch up but feedback seems to be positive so far

My website is now live !!🚀

Finished up making it responsive. There are still some issues to iron out but from what I can see it's good to launch

If you catch any problems let me know 👇

#buildinpublic #portfolio #SoftwareDeveloper
Portfolio will be available soon.

Working on final design and will hopefully have a working version by the end of the week

Make sure to drop a follow💯
Got some very interesting things coming!

#buildinpublic #ReactJS
I am starting my first project using GraphQL

I never fully understood why people used it until now

Just making a simple todo list app to get use to the syntax and I'll document the process of learning it

#buildinpublic #GraphQL
Github Refresh #5:

Pretty slow day
- Refactored my Student Assistant Project, removed unnecessary HTML tags and CSS styles

- Fixed the UI and Reduced the amount of deadspace

- Made all of the ClassName tags consistent

#buildinpublic #ReactJS #FrontEndDeveloper #development
GitHub Refresh #2:

- Created Project Layout
- Began work on the Calendar Day Component

The goal of this project was to create a Fully Functioning Calendar Application from Scratch

#GitHubRefresh #docker #buildinpublic #ReactJS #developer
GitHub Refresh #1:

- Updated Abondoned React Scheduler App
- Dockerized it and got a plan down

#GitHubRefresh #docker #buildinpublic #ReactJS #developer
I'm going to be rebuilding some of my old projects on my GitHub to clean up the code and also bring some life to them

I'll try and document it all here

Finished my Portfolio Projects Page! 💯

So close to being able to release it to the public.

#freelancer #buildinpublic #100devs
Got the first design for my first client finished and built.

Designed using Figma, Built in Flutter

#SoftwareDeveloper #figma #Flutter #freelance #buildinpublic
There is nothing more powerful than a network of people willing to criticize your work

You need people who will tell you the truth but you always need to be willing to hear it

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