07:00 PM EST

Finally synced Tweetsmash with Notion. πŸ₯³

Need to test and will be live on tomorrow!

Tweetsmash update!

Now you can read your bookmarked tweets from the authors of the list you create! 😍

Tweetsmash update! 🀩

Now create your own feed to read threads by filtering them from authors or tagged bookmarked tweets!

Check it out now in ->

Tweetsmash got featured on Betalist! 🀩

Tweetsmash: Create reading workflows for your Twitter bookmarks…
Tweetsmash Recipes new update!

Created my own feed,

- By reading favourite authors
- Picking viral tweets and grouping them together.
- Recently bookmarked tweets and more!

Are you interested?

Get an early invite at

Build your own distraction-free reading experience to read your Twitter bookmarks using tweetsmash!

For an early invite -

Tweetsmash's new landing page is live πŸ”₯

Added with an early invite.

Do share your feedback! 🀩

Tweetsmash's new landing page design is in-progress!πŸ₯³

Day 40

Is your timeline filled with ongoing trends?

Need a way to stay out of it while you read your favourite tweets at peace. πŸ˜‡

Then, try TweetsMash to read bookmarked tweets at your own pace. πŸ₯³


Day 38 & 39

Now new users can signup with tweetsmash without an invite code.

Soon to be in live. Work in progress!

Day 36 & 37

Encountered a different issue today.

In Tweetsmash, used supabase package as ^1.33.2. When updated node modules, it updated to the latest version. Also, supabase auth helpers got updated.

In supabase auth helpers, a new event got added...


Day 34 & 35

Onboarded new users to Tweetsmash, and reported a few bugs to solve.

So, the days went by fixing the bugs.

Note to share,
Have you known the difference between encodeURI() and encodeURIComponent()?


Day 33

After a long time, spend a day for learnings. Completed Next.js, supabase course in egghead.

As I shared earlier, Tweetsmash tech-stack has Next.js, supabase. This course has eye-opened and shared lots of tactics to improve.…

Day 31 & 32

Took a day off, and came back freshly!

Lived search, sort and filter Twitter bookmarks in Tweetsmash. How does it look?

Day 30

Today went full of learnings!

30 days completed, but not so great progress towards my goal. But I'm not the same as on the 1 st day. Lots of learnings on the journey.

Will revise the path and come back stronger.

Slow and Steady wins the Race! πŸ˜„

Day 29

Improved Mash feed to read Twitter bookmarks,

- By adding a total read time of 5 bookmarks
- Skip for now option
- Maintain mash state after reading
- Added the option to don't show the particular tweet again.

Day 28

Sneak peek of Filter, Sort and Search of Twitter bookmarks.

8. History - See all your read tweets sorted by asc/desc 😊
9. Archive - See all your archived tweets πŸ˜„
10. Labels - See all your tagged and unlabelled tweets 😍

Lots more features are lined up!

Leave πŸ‘‹ in the comments for the invite code.

4. Explore - See all your bookmarks with search and total count 😌
5. Tags - Add tags to your bookmarksπŸ˜ƒ
6. Recipes - Create your own feed by grouping authors or tags together πŸ₯°
7. Mark it - Mark tweets as Read, archive or delete πŸ₯³


Day 27

Tweetsmash's quick peek - Your Twitter Bookmarks manager 😍

Top 10 features,
1. Fantastic Five - Mashed 5 bookmarks πŸš€
2. Daily Digest - Your bookmarks in your daily email πŸ˜ƒ
3. Thread reader - Unroll the threads and counts the reading time. πŸ₯³