#BehindTheScenes with @storyofstuff for a shoot on my back deck filming a series about plastic waste, and @Buy_Nothing is a global solution they’re featuring. Stay tuned for the film! #startup #interview #buildinpublic
If your users are having tech problems with your platform & you come at the problems with user bias, i.e. you assume it's user ignorance rather than a real bug in your app, you shouldn't be in customer service. Problem-solving with humility builds trust #Buildinpublic #Startup
I spend my days in Django, Figma, Excel spreadsheets, Google Analytics, Jira, but for the life of me I can't find that simple form via the UI for my daughter's school online athletic dept. #technology #buildinpublic #startup #founderfatigue
I started a #SaaS social enterprise because I found all these things in 1 afternoon at a local beach. Many could've been reused, gifted, recycled, before they ended up in the ocean, breaking down, washing ashore. This = the problem we're solving. #socent #startup #buildinpublic
@TunjiWilliams Ha! Nothing like getting to the heart of the biggest questions asked of your startup. People are passionate! Wish I could share some of them, paraphrased, as they belie such devotion to our foundational ideas and the power of the local gift economy. Could do a #buildinpublic FAQ.
4) MAKE EXPERIMENTS TO TEST POSSIBLE ANSWERS: We scaled as an experiment and grew from one community to thousands, all derived from, and validating, our original hypothesis. #buildinpublic
Reason #9999 for creators/makers to build safety-net alternatives to mega social media platforms. @Buy_Nothing #buildinpublic #SaaS #GiftEconomy #OpenSource
Hey everyone, I’m about to publish my next essay and I got delayed dealing with a hack of my Facebook account. The hacker locked me out and started spamming out ads. If you receive anything from me via Facebook, it isn’t me. If you receive DMs from me on FB, don't open the links.
For any of you in the B Corp world, how has VC and Angel investing worked for you? #Buildinpublic #startups @BCorporation…
This applies to a social movement turned startup, too. Gratitude is sewn into our very fabric. #buildinpublic @Buy_Nothing…
Your will be overwhelmed with gratitude

Deep appreciate and gratitude will reach your core. These are your people. They fought the battle for you. And they never quit.
Appreciating our dedicated team of developers at @monterail for all they've done to get us to launch of our BuyNothing platform and beyond. Here's a great summary of what we've accomplished together, so far! #BuildInPublic @Buy_Nothing…
You know you're having a great Monday when you get a friendly email from a musician with a link to a song they've written about your disruptive endeavor. Thanks @kurthagardorn!… #buildinpublic #BuyNothing
You know you're having a great Monday morning when you get a friendly email from a musician with a link to a song they've written about your disruptive endeavor. Thanks Kurt Hagardorn!… #buildinpublic #BuyNothing @Buy_Nothing…