Today’s goal: get turbo repo working properly.

All I really wanted to do is share some code between my two apps.

Part of me wants to throw in the towel and just go all in on

Migrating to turbo repo for reasons and getting this frustrating error when deploying front end to Vercel.


I managed to slog through all my bugs and was able to deliver something!

See demo of cookies set in Next.js and being used to validate a session in Fastify.…
🐞 Maybe fixed a login page bug that kept reloading instead of redirecting

I've made updates to Next.js & Superbase auth helpers, turned on server actions, and updated the signup page with server components


Diving into a workflow demo, showing how user interaction leads to backend communication. We transition from an Next.js app on @vercel to a @flydotio app.

Key feature of this vid is how I use rewrite to share cookies between backends.…
Now fighting with vercel dev. What a weird error message!?

Need to run it so my "rewrites" in vercel.json work locally.

#buildinpublic @vercel
Behind the scenes VIP interview while researching my next blog post.

I created a little explainer video for my website. Trying to get clearer on the problem I am trying to solve.

Happy Friday Everyone!

It’s Friday wins time. I’ll post in this thread all day about my weekly wins.

Over the last 5 years, I've grown an AI-fintech to $150M+ AUM, as a HS dropout and 4x founder. Now, I'm harnessing AI for smarter startup decisions at

I know I'm lucky to even have a runway. But still. This number is TERRIFYING.

Time to hustle.

Quick sketch for what I'm building over the next couple of days.