Achievement Unlocked: First newsletter subscriber that I don't recognize #buildinpublic
Been jotting down a few ideas for blog posts & newsletter content. Any in particular you would be interested in? (remember and sign up to the newsletter via… so you don't miss them) #buildinpublic
Added a newsletter sign up modal to my blog articles (that's more CSS than I've done in years 😅). Hoping it'll get me a few new friends before my new issue #buildinpublic
Starting to draft my first newsletter for an audience of 1 (me). Is anyone else interested in hearing my ramblings? #buildinpublic #indiehackers…
Tidied up the page scraper a bit and added a link to the toolbox in the nav #indiehackers #buildinpublic…
Looking to kill of some side projects and consolidate my power. Already copied blog content from to and applied the 301 redirects #indiehacker #buildinpublic
New project unlocked - - coming soon to a browser near you #indiehackers #buildinpublic #day1
Here is a sample dashboard @getstatisfy will be able to produce. All mock data so far but the demo generator I've just built will make updating statistics a doddle. It should also allow me to easily put together targeted examples for demos #buildinpublic #indiehackers #startups
After some awesome discussions with @alistairftw, I've started working on @getstatisfy. What is it? A statistics aggregation dashboard. I've only got the newsletter sign-up page so far but I'd love to come along for the journey #buildinpublic #indiehackers
I'm taking this as a good sign #newproject #wordofmouth #indiehackers #buildinpublic
Our first follower and we've not even got the profile or website set up yet. Welcome @bobbycplc
Had my head in the API documentation for @googleanalytics, @PlausibleHQ, @revue & @stripe over the last week or so - and that's going to be the tip of the iceberg. I'm getting excited seeing it all come together #buildinpublic #startups #indiehackers
Give the new changes a whirl and let me know what you think #indiehackers #buildinpublic
Added a shortcut key "c" to open the Add Task modal. Go on, give it a go #buildinpublic
Tweaked the upgrade bar so that it only shows after the first task has been added. #buildinpublic
Simplified the main page. Moved the new task form out into a modal and made the focus more on the list of completed tasks. #buildinpublic
An initial stab at a product description for for submitting to, etc. What do you think? Does it make sense? Does it help inform you what the product is supposed to be/do #indiehackers #buildinpublic
Didn't realise the roadmap block for was interrupting the flow and causing confusion on mobile. Moved it underneath the task list table after feedback on… #indiehackers #buildinpublic