Added some integral features to Userdoc this week...

‣ Added versioning to user stories & acceptance criteria
‣ Added "git like" diff when viewing historical versions
‣ Allow reverting to previous versions

It's coming along!

@cjaythecreator #buildinpublic is so hot right now in tech, it will be interesting to see if it crosses over into other industries in the coming years.

No reason a bricks and mortar store couldn’t do similar, build an audience starting from the inception of their idea.
@IkthedarC @IndieHackers @tdinh_me @1HaKr @phuctm97 5. Start small

Once you have and few ideas, pick something small.

Something you can start and define finish. Say in under 1 month.

Commit to getting it done, tell people (and Twitter), document with #buildinpublic
Some basic UI work done on my project Userdoc #buildinpublic


Valuable documentation dies with JIRA tasks as they are "Done".
Userdoc keeps your user stories as a single source of truth.
Valuable, collaborative, living documentation.
This week I’ve started building something.

A tool to capture, maintain, and collaborate on living documentation - specifically aimed at documenting internal software for big boring businesses.

Let’s see if this ends up a thing.

I guess this is my first #buildinpublic