I thought I'd share some more progress on my theme. I had to down tools for a few weeks whilst I worked on something else, but happy to say it's progressing really nicely #themeaccelerator #buildinpublic #designinpublic #shopify #shopifydesign
I really wish this was true 😫 but alas I'm just playing around with demo content layouts @NIP @dev1ce #buildinpublic #themeaccelerator #shopifydev
Originally I planned to swap out the img src and srcset with the new ones but with caching and lazy loading it proved to be kinda shitty. Instead, I created a 'hidden' gallery and slideTo() whatever index matches the active variant

#themeaccelorator #buildinpublic #100daysofcode
Working on a gallery for a Shopify theme I'm working on for a client. It's proving to be really tricky trying to figure out which variant is active and displaying the correct image based on that #themeaccelerator #shopifydev #buildinpublic
So I wanted to start using Twitter again as I try to document my journey through creating a @Shopify theme for sale on their theme store, as a solo designer/developer by building in public. I'll be sharing the process as openly as I can as I go #themeaccelerator #buildinpublic