Just paid out the $4,000th dollar to @trycoffeechats hosts!

Feels insane b/c it took almost 14 months from starting Coffee Chats to make pay the first $1K and now I'm hitting the next $1k milestones every 2-3 months.

And we #buildinpublic because it’s a good way to find typos! Going to fix one in this screenshot now haha
#buildinpublic, #SaaS & @microacquire twitter: Can anyone share their experience with @AppSumo?

Debating putting a lifetime deal for @trycoffeechats on AppSumo for Premium. Not sure if it's worth it to build a custom redemption flow. Would love to hear the good, bad & ugly
If you're not investing time in your meta tags and og meta tags to make your website content pretty when shared, you're doing it wrong. #buildinpublic #indiehackers
A big moment for @trycoffeechats : just bought the 5-year SSL cert plan!

When I started in 2020, I bought the 1 year cert b/c I wasn't sure if CC would gain traction.

Now, CC is profitable, done >800 chats, paid out >$1k, and a few people on annual plans! #buildinpublic
I tweet this for those of you #buildinpublic who aren't sure about how to start.

1) Descope.
2) Build the minimum.
3) Pay the minimum to get started (I'm still on Heroku @ $7/mo)

Then go to market, get traction, get paying customers. If it works, then you can go bigger!
Finally built out case study pages for my #buildinpublic project @trycoffeechats .

See how @ludaniel (group PMM @Dropbox ) uses Coffee Chats for his mentorship business:…
Took @trycoffeechats 7 months to generate its first $100 in @stripe connect revenue. The next hundred came just 30 days later.

Took 15 months to hit the first $1,000. The next $1,000 might happen next month!

It's not a rocket ship but I'll take the steady grind #buildinpublic
Coming back from paternity leave and looking at my old code #buildinpublic
I can consistently get to $1k in ARR but struggle to get to $10K. #indiehackers and those who #buildinpublic - what tips do you have for someone who wants to get to $10k ARR?
A year ago, I had no idea if anyone would want to chat over a virtual cup of coffee.

A year later, @trycoffeechats community hosted >700 chats.

We've helped people all over the world find jobs, purpose, and happiness.

Thank you to all who made this happen #buildinpublic
For those of you #buildinpublic getting ready for your @ProductHunt launch: Getting a top product on PH is great but the real game to win is retention. How many of those new PH users use your product 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month later? Focus on retention after your PH spike.
A few @ProductHunt best practices I've learned over 6 other launches that led to @trycoffeechats being the #2 product today. A thread 🧵

#buildinpublic #producthuntinpublic #marketinginpublic
To everyone #buildinpublic who is thinking about a Product Hunt launch, make sure that you carved out time to respond to comments if it goes well. I think a big driver to success is continued engagement with the community once you hit "post".
6 followers away from 600 and almost a 30% increase in followers in the last 28 days! Huge shout out to the #buildinpublic and @microacquire community for all the follows as I've been sharing the story of selling my SaaS for five-figures!
Anyone else log issues like this in their side project repos? #github #sideproject #indiehacker #buildinpublic
Enjoying my experience w/ @microacquire to find a new owner for Reporty. But I keep getting the same questions so 1) Reporty is at $4.3k gross ARR 2) I’m looking for 5-6x ARR 3) don’t need to sell as it involves almost no work & prints $s each month. #buildinpublic #sellinpublic
Going to try something in the effort to #buildinpublic and #sellinpublic. Here is the 2020 P&L for Reporty (formerly Shoppy). Hope it helps people see what a bootstrapped app with no marketing spend looks like in terms of revenu, costs, and take home:…
MRR for my Shopify app side project that I'm looking to find a new owner. Looking for 7x ARR. If interested, feel free to reply or DM me! #buildinpublic #sellinpublic
It took 3 months (Aug - late Oct) for @trycoffeechats to payout out the first $100 in coffee chat income. The next $100 took just 30 days! 🤞 this thing is starting to work! And for those of you who are #buildinpublic like me, keep going and sharing your story!