@T_Zahil Worked on a tool that allowed users to upload high res pics & turn them into pixel grids for a game. It's all done in javascript but getting worried about "Excessive DOM Size" issues now. Will prob return to it and use AI to solve lol. #buildinpublic #help
Digital nomading with a dog can be difficult, takes a ton of planning if you don't drive. Fortunately #ChatGPT was able to tell me exactly which EU companies allow dogs (as of 2021). Publicly editable Google Sheet up here:ā€¦ #buildinpublic #ai #digitalnomad
Inspired by #buildinpublic šŸ‘ I might package up some of the stuff I've built as MVPs. Got some cool shit that I wrote years ago that my clients love. Would I need to update it to remove jQuery or would that be ok as it's essentially a proof-of-demand initial release? Thoughts?