👩‍🔬Regen Science Update🔬

Hey Regens, here's what's moving on the science side of RND! 🧵
@arvidkahl amazing to see this. Thanks for sharing and #buildinpublic
Your personal brand is your business.

And yes, you have one. #buildinpublic

Inspired by @BrittanyKrystle
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Kudos to the awesome team of @TheProductfolks for the amazing kickstart of the community fund cohort. Day 1 was super fun & really excited for the journey of 6 weeks.
Thanks, @MotwaniSuhas @aditipar @maanavsagar & everyone else on the team for taking this initiative 🤩
3 / In the spirit of #buildinpublic I am going to be sharing my journey for the next 12 weeks - Crazy huh ? Do comment and help me stick to it.
@MichaelJNovotny just brushed up on the first 2 chapters again. Can I volunteer to writing a summary bullet list - say the 5 takeaways for each chapter at the top of each. BTW - Love it and using it to center myself again. #pickuppieces #buildinpublic
Looking for #buildinpublic youtube channel accounts to follow
Day 2 of the @100daysofnocodechallenge Doing time on Putting together content and structure for my 1st project #nocode #buildinpublic
Day 1 of @100daysnocode started with a setup call with @HainingMax We set up a 3 week plan which includes a micro project deliverable every Monday for the next 2 weeks. Amazing energy. #buildinpublic @d2cbuildpublic #circulareconomy
I just signed up for the #100DaysOfNoCode community. #buildinpublic @d2cbuildpublic #NewYear2021
The #100DaysOfNoCode challenge will always be rolling but I'm certainly intrigued by a 'cohort' membership style model.

If you are too, join our first (and potentially last 😅) cohort (or at least, 'mass start') membership, starting 6th Jan 🏁…
@HainingMax Hey @HainingMax just signed up and kicked to work on this. To be frank - at this point - the plan is a twinkle in the eye ! Look forward to #buidl #buildinpublic #nocode #NewYear2021
Looking for information around nutrition calculators for snacks. Any links, leads are highly appreciated. A good conversation will be credited for in the product #nutrition #calculator #buildinpublic