I just added extra dark mode to my app. What do you think? #mvp #nocode #buildinpublic@markadjr
We are thinking about spinning out the QA/Docs/Support & Booking into its own tool for small teams.

Like this tweet or reply below if you'd be interested in a tool that combines these needs and help us gather feedback!

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@bubble fam - @markadjr and I are finishing up the booking engine for @trymeerkat - we ended up using JS + Google Cal Oauth to account for different tz and avail windows. Should I put a tutorial together? Using @YouTube, @NotionHQ, or something else?

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I've also added some more colors since that video - more natural skin tones and some other grays.

I want to keep this thing free, eventually if I get Twitter hooked up, you'll be able to pay by tweeting.

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🙌 @markadjr for the push to do it.
Why buy a domain when you can buy a business?

Start to finish <3 hours, fully transferred in about 36 hours.

Another acquisition in mind, I will combine the two and tell you my plans.

Is nano-Private equity a thing yet?

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I’m launching a tool next Sunday. It’s going to help the whole @bubble community. It’ll solve a problem @yelkhayami and @elibeachy had this week on Twitter. It will help @NeilRyanPierce more than @JJEnglert. Maybe @AirDevCo and @thmawa the most. #nocode #buildinpublic
Are detractors allowed in #buildinpublic? Otherwise it’s just basically the mom test and you get no real feedback.
Being a bootstrapped founder is hard. For a long time you don’t make enough money to justify the time. But, you’ll be driven by vision and Users. If you use a product that’s being bootstrapped, give some love & support, in public is great, in earnest is best. #buildinpublic