Yesterday I used a new deck for a pitch. I thought my deck was good but I couldn't gel with the anyone at the event.

At the pitch I didn't have my usual energy & feedback was they didn't understand my focus.

I wonder if it's my deck or my presentation 🥺
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Timing is very important in the growth of a startup.

However, identifying trends is equally important to a startup founders.

More people globally are looking for reliable wellness services but can't find them - that is where comes in. #Buildinpublic
Solo VS cofounders?

Both have pros & cons to your startup.

If you can hire or execute - Go solo
If you can't hire or execute - Get cofounders

For, I decided to be a solo founder in the end because it allows me to focus on the execution. #Buildinpublic
Being a solo founder is hard...but doing everything on your own is harder

As a solo founder, having a team to help me build is essential - even if I have to pay them good money.

They may not be co-founders, but they help to get shit done! #buildinpublic
There are no bad experiences, there are only learning experiences

This is my mindset for

Entrepreneurs don't fail when they run out of money, we fail when we give up

Every since I adopted this mindset, things became easier, and better. #Buildinpublic
😅 Our Health & wellness vendors :
💬 'Sorry, we aren't good with IT & design!'

🙋‍♂️ The team :
💬 'Hey, we are great with IT & design, let us help you!'

2 Months Later...
➡️ Vendors + Page Design Service = Great Testimonies. 😂
Genetic VS Generic - Which will you choose?

I spent a long time designing this in so people can understand the benefits of #DNADesigned services over standard ones.

If there is precision medicine, why can't we have precision wellness? #Buildinpublic
Painkillers Is Better Than Vitamins?

This is a popular business adage most startups will adhere to.

However, in https://connectingdna, we believe in Vitamins more as we want our customers to live longer AND better.

So I am putting this slide in my pitch deck. #Buildinpublic
Think like a customer, build like an entrepreneur.

In - that is the development philosophy that we abide by.

If we don't build something that we'll enjoy using ourselves, how can we expect others to enjoy using what we have built? #Buildinpublic
Refund Policies are important.

As a consumer myself, I would want assurance that things I buy has a guarantee to fulfil my expectations.

And that's why we made to have a 30-days refund policy so customers can buy with peace-of-mind. 🧬 #Buildinpublic

In the 19 years of my career before, I've realized this is the most important factor to a good relationship, regardless if they are vendors, customers, partners or investors.

People buy from us when they trust us. Build trust.
Investors like numbers..

I believe this is one of the important variables by which they consider any startup to be a worthwhile investment.

Numbers should be big, BUT believable.

These are the SAM to TAM in my pitch deck. #Buildinpublic #Connectingdna
Investors goes through tons of pitch decks per month.

To make my's deck stand out, I realized that I need great visuals & content to get their attention. Typical decks have 10-15 pages. Mine has 19.

So far, no one is complaining. 😅🙏
My mom got cancer in '99. We tried to find alternative healing for her as chemotherapy wasn't working.

However, we can't find any good healers then.

Now in 2022, I've amassed a good network of wellness experts, & I'm bringing them to
In, some sellers think putting up Listings = Sales.

Sadly, buyers these days are very discerning. If the content is not informative, they won't buy.

That's why we curate listings based on good content, so the value is clear to all. #Buildinpublic
Investment is crucial for any startup's success - even mine at

However, an investor on a cap table is like marriage - the money is the drowry, the terms are for life.

Be mutually selective - date first, get chemistry, then wed. 😉
Yes.. it's hard to find solutions to certain health problems on Google. It's harder to trust them if there aren't enough reviews.

That's why we started People can find curated services they can trust by searching based on their problems. #Buildinpublic
Building any business takes time.

Building a marketplace like takes even more time due to the network effect it needs to create.

However, I have found that before we can attract buyers, we need great sellers 1st. Start with vendors 1st!
Is it possible to lose weight fast?

I didn't think it's possible too - until I went on a custom plan to eat and train with a coach AND my DNA report.🧬

After 10 weeks of using a #DNADesigned plan, I lost 10kg!

This inspired me to start #Buildinpublic
People ask me why I disabled Google to let be searched online.

I told them we need time to build good content for great SEO.

SEO is one of the best forms of organic marketing, so I'm not going to let haste make waste. 🌱
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