Sometimes developing small features takes the most time...

This feature let vendors put their discount codes in their listing - it helps vendors sell well.

Sometimes it is developing the small features that helps to make the whole thing great. 😉
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I am excited to announce a 20% off any DNA test kits & 5% off other offerings sold in until 30th May'22! ⚡

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As an entrepreneur, I found out that learning new things is the norm. In fact, YouTube is my best friend (apart from Google).

My best friend taught me how to integrate SEO into today. 😉
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Most customers don't know that behind the layout of, there's so much work and assets built behind the scene - all to ensure a good UX across PC, tablet & mobile.

This may not matter to many, but user experience matters a lot to us 😄
Nothing makes my day more than receiving a nice compliement on from another person. 🥰

It is validation like this that gives my team and I confidence in what we are building.
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Just completed this image for the hero section in

We wanted to easily tell people how to find vendors that can offer 🧬 #DNADesigned services in my marketplace & I am glad the design came out well.

Feedbacks are welcome!
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Phew... after months of hard work, We are finally launched for Open Beta! It's not perfect, but at least I am happy with what it can do now. 🎉

Currently onboarding more vendors. Do check us out at

Feedbacks are welcome!
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When you match your DNA to DNA-empowered services, magic happens!
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One-size-fits-all is the past

Personalisation is the present

DNA-designed is the future
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Looking for good developers that other companies haven't discovered on Upwork for @ConnectingDNA....
Getting your customers in @ConnectingDNA marketplace be like....
What is the typical % equity founders should give for a seed round? Any suggestions? #buildinpublic
Looking for ways to talk to founders who has been invested by a VC firm to get a sense of that VC firm investing in us.

Any ideas? #buildinpublic
Is it really that important to have a co-founder before investors will take us seriously? 🤔 #buildinpublic
Recommending @CakeEquity for all new startup founders looking to sort out their cap table.

Cake has the best consumer service and support out there and @ConnectingDNA really benefited from it.

Thanks Cake! #buildinpublic
I have learnt to be very selective with investors.

I don't want 'short term gain and long term pain'. I rather have 'short term pain (bootstrap) and long term gain (billion dollar company)'. 😀 #buildinpublic
I wonder when do I need to travel for my @ConnectingDNA business.

But with the rise of remote meetings and work, I hope it won't be so soon. #buildinpublic
They say good startup founders have to be obsessed with their business.

Well, since I work more than 18 hours a day on @ConnectingDNA. I think that qualifies. 😀 #buildinpublic
My wife is my silent, unseen and unofficial co-founder of @ConnectingDNA. Because without her support with my family, I can't do what I do. 🥰 #buildinpublic
What I love about @ConnectingDNA is that it creates win-win on so many different levels!