Is there any way to monetize an application with a subscription model without implementing authentication? Any ideas?

Taking advantage of the name change I have created a new promotional video for memonuki!

Let me know what you think!

Chrome store:…

This quote is for my #BuildInPublic folk. I think I fucked up my brandname, but... only in the US? (I don't think the rest of the world is even aware).

Need advice.
Seems like my brandname: may be offensive for some people because of the word 'coon'.

I think it goes without saying that I am not making a derogatory use of it, but should I think of another name for my extension?
How do I sell on Fiverr without a portfolio? I am a backend developer, I have little or nothing visual to show.

I've read opinions in this community that say you don't need a portfolio, ok, but how? What do I use as the header image of my gigs?

Any discord servers or telegram channels for indie makers? I would love some real-time interaction sometimes 😊.

Where I can sell GitHub template repositories? It is a thing?

How can I backup the data in the browser local storage of one of my applications?

Any cheap service I can use? I can simply save a json in the Drive of my users but I don't like the idea.

Create an IT development and services agency or use UpWork/Fiverr/Malt...?

Which one and why? ⤵️

I have written this post on my personal website and thought it would be a good idea to share it with the community.

Maybe some other indie makers will feel identified 💪!…

Do you recommend me to focus on one side-project or build many in parallel and try my luck with all of them to see what happens?

I have seen both approaches here, which one goes better and why?

What features would make you use a note-taking browser extension...

Asking for a friend 👀.

Thanks to everyone who tried so far, I'm taking notes of all the suggestions and bugs!

#BuildInPublic promo video! Let me know how it looks! I might do some more changes in my spare time.

It's canva so don't expect something too crazy 🤣.

Sometimes I feel like doing something for pleasure, like creating a video game and just enjoying the process.

But I see as a waste of time any effort in a project not oriented to generate money.

Anyone else?

Today I had a video call with @pixelsavvant, quite nice to be face-to-face and chat!

It would be fun to meet more builders, not for anything specific just for chats about our projects, our little victories and defeats etc.

What do you think?

Stop thinking that your idea is crap, no matter how simple your app is, believe me, someone has managed to sell much bigger crap.

Believe in yourself, just a bit.

🤟 Let's go for the week ahead builders!

Just launched NoteCoon. A note taking and web automation (soon) browser extension.

I would appreciate your feedback, send me a DM or @ me and you will have access to the upcoming premium features for free:…

How can I send transactional emails with as little configuration as possible? Mailjet, MailChimp and SendinBlue are a pain in the ass, they need to verify a lot of stuff and it's painfully slow.

❓ Question for founders and freelancers, especially European.

I'm not going to beat around the bush, here goes:

Is Stripe Atlas a good way to evade taxes?

The last thing I have built I have done more with the motivation that I could not find an app that fit my needs than with the motivation to create a product.

Has it ever happened to you?