Took longer than expect but finished integrating Stripe.

Just need to finish the chrome extension and then I’m ready for launch!
So far I just have to implement Stripe, then I’m ready for my beta users to start using the site.

Very excited.
I have a few other ideas I would really love to try, but I also don’t want to drop the project just yet.

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Tip to all indie makers & bootstrappers,

Stick to your project!

If you’re getting demotivated but have some promising results, please I beg stick with your project. Just imagine it a year from now.

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Finally finished with my first version of the landing page for my new #Saas @ScrubbeApp
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Design tip for indie-makers

When designing your app always make multiple versions.

Here's where my design started vs where it is now.

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Make sure you split test every landing page you build.
Currently coding new site for a non profit. I’m using as a headless CMS to allow my client to update the site’s text / image content without involving me. It’s a life saver.

If you’ve had a startup idea in your head for awhile now, the least you can do is make a landing page and see how people react.

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All of the web agencies / advertment agencies in my area are terrible. They all use ugly Wordpress themes and outdated marketing tactics. So far stealing market share has been fairly easy. Make a good first impression and use your existing connections