Code = Learning math from first principles
No code = Memorizing timetables

👀👀 #buildinpublic
Building with #nocode = building with a seemingly never-ending amount of workarounds
Happy Monday! (4 Mondays left in 2022 😱) What's your goal for the week?

Let me start:

✉️ Launch newsletter issue #1 this Friday (eeeek!)
✍️ Write issue #2 (Link in bio)
🔥 Get last-minute Black Friday deals

I really should plan better. #buildinpublic
#Buildinpublic update: I am not sure why I've done this, but here goes:

What should I build guys at #indiehackers #100daysofcode #100daysofnocode?
Thank you for joining me on my #buildinpublic journey.

Next goal: 500! 🎉

(I share tips on taking new business & investing ideas from 0 to 1)

Follow, RT and like to help me get there.
Guys, I am beyond excited! I made my FIRST sale today. Couldn't have done it without you all ❤️ Very thankful on Thanksgiving Day #buildinpublic #100daysofnocode #indiehackers
@thisiskp_ @jebraat Thanks KP. Loving the #buildinpublic content ideas:

- Interesting opinion
- lesson
- customer quote
- tools
- common myth
- small win

Stealing this! 😁
🔥 Hot Business Idea Alert #003

#indiebuilders #buildinpublic #SaaS folks out there, who's building something here or is this the next project idea?

More ideas here:…
@thisiskp_ Man, I feel you. I wish I could stay on top of my DMs. But between the women who totally want to meet me and the crypto projects I totally should ape into, things just slip away. If Twitter ever creates a solid DM API, boy will there be amazing tools to handle them.
And that's a wrap! Product dropping soon - can't wait to announce!🤐

Thanks @nocode_weekend - Hint: Built for creatives and builders of #100DaysOfNoCode #indiehackers #buildinpublic
Cash Runway Model for Solopreneurs in progress.

Need some more ideas for use cases.

#buildinpublic #nocode @nocode_weekend
Money question - what's one thing you want to know from a personal finance calculator?

Thanks @nocode_weekend for sharing!
#buildinpublic #indiehacker #100daysofnocode
Help! Looking for ideas for @nocode_weekend this week. Do any of these interest you? #buildinpublic #indiehacker #100DaysOfNoCode (details in the first comment)
@My_NamesJames Make a lot of noise, talk about what you’re building, and co-founders will come?

Doubling down on #buildinpublic 👍
Week 2 progress update:

✅Twitter bio test v1 completed - super interesting insight! V.2 testing and FB ads testing in progress
✅ Made new friends @ubervincent @NotechAna @phuctm97
🟠 What The Hype issue #001 in progress. Copywriting is a struggle

Ok Twitter fam, I need your votes.
1 or 2?

Context - This is step 2 of my newsletter challenge - need to find a headline for the trends alert newsletter. #buildinpublic #indiehackers #NoCode #100DaysOfNoCode
Startup founders, indie hackers and #buildinpublic friends...

Drop a🔗to what you're working on below (& your current dilemma), I want to try out some new tools.

Will feature relevant ones in my upcoming newsletter.
From getting fired to earning my first $ online. This is my comeback story. Documenting every step along the way.

#entrepreneur #vc #buildinpublic
This week's #buildinpublic update:

Tweets posted: 51📈
Hours worked: 15 ✅(+20 hours wasted in the Twitter void)

Biggest WIN: Thanks @sweatystartup for the follow. You're a star.

Biggest learning: Do good work and show up.
#buildinpublic #indiehackers fam, I want to coordinate a virtual hackathon for indie digital projects, tentatively called Makerthon. Who wants in? Drop a 👍 below
The #buildinpublic reception: 👇

Twitter / @IndieHackers / Product hunt - "Congratulations on launching! I'm your first sale!"

Reddit - "WTF is this, stop spamming."