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Some early ideas:

The #buildinpublic hashtag. Stylised in a modern font, because the original one is kinda boring.
Hit the โค๏ธ button if you would put a #buildinpublic sticker on your laptop.

If we hit 100x โค๏ธ I will design and print stickers. Retweet for more reach ๐Ÿ™Œ
Working on a new homepage design that shows recently active makers in the sidebar. Allows you to quickly see who's building in public and check out their profile.

What do you think?

@adithyashreshti @troyshu Just tweet with #buildinpublic hashtag and your profile is automatically created
Sped up the site quite a bit using fragment caching, lazy image loading, and smaller image sizes.

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Also added infinite scrolling โœจ