Working on these slides/ presentation using

Really awesome tool.
You can write presentation using markdown and present live.

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Was working on few new templates. #buildinpublic

Working on Bruzu tables, Nocode tool to automate images generation.

#buildinginpublic #buildinpublic #nocode
This week done so far:

✅ Dashboard

Thread 🧵👇
Trying to keep it minimal. Who don't love the minimal clean design?

How is this flow?

- Create design.
- Use the design as input to editor.
- Let users edit the design
- Get the new design.

All this on your website without opening

These buttons let your customers/team create amazing designs, without leaving your site.

Add them to your webpage.

How they look?

Working on something big.

Adding "Frequently Asked Questions".

What you want to know or be added into this section?

I don't know who need this but, here is a very basic demo, just change text to image.…