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Who else should we add?
Lots of small fixes deployed today:
- better input validations
- show/hide password
- back to dashboard button
- bounced email webhook

All based off requests from customers.

Small changes that contribute to a better app overall ⭐️

✅ Three big items checked off.

👀 This week focusing on some improvements to Notion support.

📤 Almost done implementing email automation for Cloakist

This diagram shows a simplified version. Edge cases, multiple sites in different states, subscription quotas, etc. are also handled.

For this I chose @sidemailio, it's lightweight and has an awesome API

Today’s was one of those: “fixing stuff while chatting to customer on web chat” days 😅

Also… transactional email automation is starting to take shape. This will reduce support efforts by at least 1 to 2 days per week 🤖

@consultantrhys @microacquire Thanks Rhys, I’ll me share everything as I go… #buildinpublic style:)
⭐️ 20 Weeks of #buildinpublic

It's been an awesome journey so far. I've learned so much, and met so many cool people.

Every day I'm amazed at what people are building, how they are sharing & helping each other grow.

See my whole 20 week journey here 👇🏻
About one more week left to complete the handover of my newly acquired SaaS.

It's underestimated how much 'tacit' knowledge the seller has. Of both code and business.

I cannot expect to know everything inside out, but I know enough to troubleshoot any issues.

@dvassallo Sharing my journey of building a portfolio of small bets through micro-SaaS acquisitions.

Join me as I discover the best ways to grow these businesses.

Learn with me as I #buildinpublic

Did 20+ years in tech sufficiently prepare me?

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Just realized one of the Integromat automations used for my @AwesomeInfoProd publishing has not been working since Monday (I hit my monthly cap)

🤦🏻‍♂️ #buildinpublic #failinpublic
Current WIP things…

‣ Manual onboarding of beta users @NotionSubs

‣ Finding a dev on Fiverr

‣ Sourcing new micro-SaaS deals

‣ Hiring a VA

Sharing more details in the coming weeks à la #buildinpublic style!
Looking back at this year, I started working on side projects and #buildinpublic in April...

With no followers, no product, and no content...

⇢ Personal twitter 510+ followers
@AwesomeInfoProd 230+ followers

I've learned so much from y'all!

Thanks for the support 🤗
⭐️ Build & Sell your app in 180 days ⭐️

The #buildinpublic #sellinpublic challenge ( is a group of people building their apps in public with the objective of selling them within 180 days.

Here are 14 of the participants and what they are building…
@darentsmith Built Namejax Brand Marketplace.

It was my first side project and first #buildinpublic project.

It’s also for sale, if anyone is interested in a small, low maintenance, profitable business……
Are you looking to acquire a small, easy to operate online business?

This is a domain/brand marketplace I started at the beginning of the year.

Built on Shopify, super easy to manage.

I’m looking to sell the business for $2500

See the listing below, or contact me directly.…
Update from the weekend:

1. New early-access site ✅ Done
2. Framer demo ⇢ Soon
3. MVP ⇢ WIP early next year

⚡️ @NotionSubs (previously Pear) signup is live

🤑 Monetize your Notion Pages with Subscriptions

✅ Easily add a subscription paywall to your Notion pages
Cool to see all the interest this generated. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated #buildinpublic style :)
Just submitted a new LOI on @microacquire

If due diligence goes well, looking to close the deal before I go on holiday on the 17th 🤞🏻
It's really inspiring to see the pockets of support that exist in the #buildinpublic space...

There are opportunities to:

⇢ interact with others at the same level

⇢ learn from those more experienced

⇢ and to give back to newcomers
Building a project in public as a side hustle allowed me to interact with other makers, builders, indie hackers, and entrepreneurs building stuff this full time.

This is almost like a cheat code that helps me learn from others who are more experienced than me.

Automated Publication Workflow for Posting 14 Pieces of Content per Week

#nocode #buildinpublic

Here's how 👇🏻