@thisiskp_ We need a “community based selling” program lead by the world’s expert in #buildinpublic
We're embarking on the next chapter @supsync as we design a new entity inspired by the wisdom of an old one - a guild of independent shops

@connormcmk is now leading our investigation into what our governance structure might be

"How do we make decisions?"

@AndyFultonCoach @news_nocode @bubble No way to know till you publish

That’s why #buildinpublic is how you increase your rate of learning
@thisiskp_ “KP brings the most important factor in inspiring founders to #buildinpublic

He knows the fears that it brings up and how to gently inspire you to take action.”
@LifeWithArjay @PhilipLakin @thisiskp_ Highly recommend the move to both

We can support on both as well

I shoot an email with some thoughts and then we can circle back on providing the trainings to the community here!
Working on our vision @supsync

Draft concepts #buildinpublic
Humanity needs to improve our collective speed & agility in making new choices
to survive & thrive

That includes our organizations ability to change how they operate

Our current rate of change is insufficient
@ngzhenming Nice! welcome to the fam

I'm hosting Twitter Spaces!

I'm a big fan of #buildinpublic thanks to the legendary @thisiskp_

Every day I find I'm advising founders to build communities first, then product

So I want to see how we can provide more guidance.

Stay tuned!

@supsync Pitch Feedback?

When companies scale, they move their technical people out of the org to build their self-serve product

The internal team loses computational thinkers

Give them a dedicated Ops Dev
to build scalable processes
with them
in @coda_hq
@mrspoventud it's ok - we all get scared with what to share & how to share it. 😊

i find it easier to focus on 1-1 interactions on Twitter as a start.

@thisiskp_ also has amazing advice on how to #buildinpublic