I've made a few changes to the keywords with the recent 1.8 update for @FilmNoirApp to boost discovery and it seems it works. Lots of new keywords trending upwards 🔥

Small uptick in App Store Connect analytics too.
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Full stats for @FilmNoirApp since launch. So much potential as it hasn't been featured in many Apple related sites yet.

Not sure if conversion rate is a good number. With so many impressions maybe I'm missing some opportunities.

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Today @FilmNoirApp reached 201 subscribers and 196$ MRR! 🎉 It may not be a big number but it’s a huge milestone for us! So grateful for everyone who subscribed to this app 🙏

#iosdev #indiedev #buildinpublic
Experimenting with some layout options for @FilmNoirApp on iPad! I like the sidebar + secondary view compared to the 3 column split view.

What do you think?

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