Congrats on the sale and thank you for the easy transaction 🀝

I'm thrilled to be the new owner πŸ™Œ

New version will be online this week! πŸš€
#nocode #buildinpublic
One of the very first projects I started in the #nocode space @nocodemakers_ has now been sold πŸ₯³

Gonna always start news ones and sell them all #buildtosell
"Start where you are. There is no perfect time or perfect conditions. If you keep waiting for that moment, it will never come." πŸ”₯ - @trymicro

Thanks Elsie! πŸ™Œ #myFDO

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πŸ“— Growth Hacker Marketing by @RyanHoliday
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"Your first product will most probably fail, make sure to fail early and often!" @dominiksumer

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