From the 12th Oct - 28th Nov makers can accelerate their projects through mentorship in design, development, and lightning integration. Forming teams to hack on new or existing projects, makers can show off their progress as they #BuildInPublic for some huge BTC prizes!
Want to know what we've been up to over the past few weeks?

@barefoot_88 breaks down our design and development progress as we continue to #BuildInPublic 🚀

- Stories upgrades ✍️
- Tournaments design sprint ⚔️
- Linked Wallets 🔐
- Roles & Skills 🎛🌈…
Are you working on a #bitcoin product? If so, you can use our Stories ✍️ feature to:

- #Launch it to the community 🚀
- #Buildinpublic with regular #activity updates🚦

Want to try it out? Connect your #lightning wallet to get started ⚡️
✍️ New story on BOLT🔩FUN

Bitcoin is Saving by Anon (0241db)…

We've also been working on some exciting upgrades to BOLT🔩FUN over the past few weeks.

Makers can now #buildinpublic with our new Stories ✍️ feature, and keep the conversation going using comments powered by #nostr 💬
✍️ New story on BOLT🔩FUN

The Definitive Guide to Onboard Newcoiners to Lightning with NFC by @_reneaaron…

✍️ New story on BOLT🔩FUN

How to Accept #Bitcoin Lightning Tips on Your Website ⚡️ by @secondl1ght…

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In the last couple of weeks we've been working hard to ship new features for makers:

- Stories ✅
- Comments ✅

In this story, @barefoot_88 breaks down what we set out to achieve with our first milestone, our progress, and next steps 👇…

Comments 💬 are here!

As we #buildinpublic, it’s important for our maker community to be able to open up lively discussions, give feedback, and share knowledge we ship great products together.

Find out more about how comments 💬 work here 👇…
Have you tried creating a #lightning node using @voltage_cloud ? If so, we want to hear about your experience! 🌩

Great to see some makers taking advantage of this service 👇…

Do you want to help contribute to BOLT🔩FUN? Got an idea for a cool new feature or lightning web app? Want to #buildinpublic with other makers?

Jump in BOLT🔩FUN's Discord server and connect with our maker community👇
We want you to #buildinpublic 👊

Got an awesome side project? Share your journey with the #maker community, and provide others with valuable insights and learnings as you jump into the world of #bitcoin & #lightning application design + development⚡️
Upvotes 🔥 are a fun, #lightning powered interaction that use #WebLN to tip content creators with sats ⚡️, helping curate useful stories whilst incentivising makers to #buildinpublic with regular, open, and transparent updates on their lightning projects 🚀
Using a basic markdown editor, makers can create content in the form of articles, product updates, developer tutorials, app reviews, + more.

With an incentive to #buildinpublic and produce high quality content through community rewarded #lightning upvotes 🔥
This #buildinpublic approach aligns with #Bitcoin’s open-source philosophy, but also allows makers to publish key findings, #resources, and #tools with the rest of the community - creating a collaborative environment that makes learning about #lightning fun and easy 🚀
🚨 Introducing Stories ✍️

Makers can now #buildinpublic - sharing their stories, updates, and insights as they journey into the world of #bitcoin and #lightning product design and development.

Read a complete overview of this feature here 👇…