#buildinpublic about rich html text editors, which one is the winner at the moment? (open source please)
Empiezo ahora 18:21, el objetivo es montar una herramienta para enviar emails en

La landing será la propia herramienta "capada". Landing actual se va.

Voy añadiendo status aquí 👇
Empiezo demasiados proyectos nuevos.

Voy a hacer pública mi lista para ir siguiéndola en #buildinpublic y así tener que comprometerme 😅

Los proyectos o tareas deben entrar en:
🔥Pruebas / Prototipos ideas nuevas
💸Publicidad para Php Ninja
🎯Reducir costes
🏆Reducir tiempos
Best way of finding new ideas for #indiedev #indiehackers #buildinpublic:

💸 Reduce costs: List your personal and biz costs. Do you see it?

🚀 Reduce times: are you paying for some service that needs more than 2 days to be delivered? boom.

Like DALL-E :D
Unpopular_ Successful technology becomes cheaper and gets more adoption over time, that's why all indie products are copied internally or open sourced (some with 2-3 lines of code).

Relationships, necessary, scarce ... not the product.
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Auditing websites:
- Page Speed Tracking over time
- Changelog
- Error log for Php / Js
- Rank Tracker SERP positions
- Internal crawler: orphan page, sitemap, ..
- Broken Links

Is there any other thing you want to know about your website or online shop?

I've decided to #BuildInPublic and launch multiple #startups from scratch, while traveling South East Asia!

✅No audience

🎯Goal: $6k MRR in 6 months!

Follow and RT if you want to see me succeed... or fail miserably! 😄
Here we are.
A Store Front for your @stripe account.
Have a link to your catalog in under a minute.
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At 75%! Launching soon.
Built landing + script in under 5 hours. Set up adwords campaign, 30 minutes.

I'ts live!

One of this everyday... #buildinpublic #indiehackers