Have spoken with 3 more sales professionals today that have all shown huge interest in Going to spend some time designing a quick deck to send to potential prospects next week. #buildinpublic #startups
Some more landing page progress. Using some pretty generic mock-ups to fill the space whilst we still don’t have an actual product… 🤪 planning to use this page and a 2 page deck to go out and validate the build next week #buildinpublic
Monday morning challenge alert 🚨

Find 1 potential customer this week… 💰

JUST ONE. Use cold emails, Twitter DMs, word-of-mouth or ask for a referral from a current customer! Any other ideas? 🤔 #buildinpublic #startup
Using stable diffusion to render some podcast cover ideas… this stuff is mind blowing… #buildinpublic #podcast
Launching a #buildinpublic podcast in 2023… which awesome builders and projects should I be interviewing?
Every time you want to procrastinate, write down the reason why in a tweet and let the #buildinpublic community hold you accountable 😂
I have some time this morning to work on So I'm setting up my Trello and creating tasks for the next week. Keeping it simple, and trying to focus on product validation and finding first customers 🚀 #buildinpublic
I have a theory that Twitter is punishing accounts that haven’t signed up for twitter blue 🤔 Like this tweet if you see this! #buildinpublic
Domain & hosting space set up.. working on my landing page here... 🚀 #buildinpublic #bootstrap
Playing with some branding & logo ideas for a new project. Say hello to Salespitch... I'll be building a WP landing page shortly with key features and benefits to start collecting emails and feature requests and to gauge interest 🚀 feedback welcome 😃 #buildinpublic
What are the best resources for a non-coder to start learning code?

I want to be able to build prototype web-apps quickly… 🤔 #buildinpublic
In 2019 I raised $200k for a music industry startup that FAILED miserably… 💩

I had already built 1 successful music business and was convinced that it couldn’t fail.. so what went wrong 😔

A #buildinpublic thread.. 🧵
New twitter account for start-up and business chat. Looking to join some cool remote teams in 2023 🔨 #Entrepreneur #buildinpublic