How do people make those animated gifs showing a clickthrough?

Do web developers obfuscate HTML/CSS nowadays to eliminate scraping and extensions? I'm surprised by how few ids are used in some websites.

@facebook drives traffic to @shopify stores well - right now I'm running only these ads and see sales.

But - FB only takes credit for 30% of sales due to how they measure / other issues.

Hello jQuery my old friend.

On a related note, hey @mattwensing I assume you are not using plain old JS so did you go full-on React or something else?

I am surprised Facebook doesn't take a single "company page creation" process and walk you through creating an Instagram page for it, a WhatsApp page for it, and so on.

One content hack is to take a relevant daily newsletter and write a blog post about one of the items with your keywords in it.

This is awesome - fully #buildinpublic and helps motivate those who watch to actually go do work. Nice work @phuctm97!
Say hi to @usedaily_co 👋: A simple, distraction-free, offline-first daily scratchpad for pretty much anything.

It’s way behind what I want to do (roadmap in the app), but I’ve been using it for more >2weeks. Gotta share it! I’d love to hear ur feedback!
Running a test using shopify and to learn how targeted facebook can get (and what else can really drive traffic)

got first three sales in quick succession on Sunday!

don't ask the CAC 😀

If you want to sell something, the channels seem to be:


But are their displayed ads trusted at all?

Meanwhile, the organic game seems to require content factories. Any #buildinpublic or #startup advice on this front?
I adore @shopify and think their product was awesome given how many companies use it.

But using it now to spin up a site, and it's not easy. Lots of decisions to make and no logical walkthrough.

I wonder what their version of the "seven friends" metric is.

So many #buildinpublic folks participate with @IndieHackers and @ProductHunt communities. Seems like there are 3 goals:

* get empathy
* get advice
* promote your thing

If you come in cold, how do you add value? Seems folks just post "yay" and "oh good point". Thoughts?
Messing with @shopify and @facebook ads right now to learn how things work in 2022.

The integration is bad.

Shopify hypes FB app but can't target or show errors from FB.

FB has 3(!) different portals if you want more than "give us money & let us target".