#monthlyRWupdate for July (compared to June)*

📈 Total sales: up 34%
📈 CR: 9.7% (up 26%)
📉 AOV: $40.52 (down 18%)
📉 Returning customer: 13% (down 47%)
📈 Orders: 133 (up 93%)

#buildinpublic #founder

(Haven't done this before but might start sharing more... 👍🏻 or 👎🏻)
One big pain point right now for users in our @RainierWatchApp reporting website is when location permission in the browser is disabled - so we can't use their location...

Here's a before and after (+ tooltip)

Sidenote - writing microcopy is hard. #buildinpublic

I wonder if sharing public sales for the RW Shop would be interesting to folks.

Sales: $816
AOV: $116
CR: 8.97%

Not quite as good as an average pop up shop but still better than most online days for sales. I was expecting more to be honest

For Monday's big TV appearance, I'm working on a new pop up catering to people who will be coming from the tv show.

Then it will send them to a landing page with a special discount! (I only do sales like 1-2x a year so this is pretty rare)
My solid todo list before Mon:
- create bundle of featured products
- popup for email captures ("enter your email to get the bundle featured on the news")
- update hero and banner copy for bundle
- create LP

HUGE thx to @soundslikecanoe
@chrismeadej for ideas! ♥️#buildinpublic
My first TV interview for my tiny ecommerce brand airs Monday night. I'm preparing and remember seeing a DTC tweet thread about post-TV strategy awhile ago. But I can't find it 😭

@mrsharma @soundslikecanoe @EggrolI @conorblewis @thats_a_moret @jspujji @chrismeadej was it you?
I'm putting some final touches in and hoping we can launch this new mountain out reporting beta website this weekend!! 🎉

Whatcha think? There's sooo many little things I'm super obsessed with making good before beta goes out

#buildinpublic #isthemountainout
Goals for the weekend:
- launch new vintage shirts drop
- finish setting up advanced KNO commerce flows
- enjoy sun 😎
- finish and launch beta of RW App (
- baby's 6 month birthday party with friends
- design new stickers


What u up to?
At @mtrainierwatch, I pretty much do all the things (in my spare time) - including design new packaging inserts!

Here's some new ones for 2022 I've been working on for weeks. I made new ones to include a "leave a review" QR Code (for @juniphq)

#buildinpublic #ecommercefounder
Super stoked on these new corduroy hats I'm working on for @mtrainierwatch - can you imagine seeing them in MRNP visitor center gift shops?! I can and I'm hoping this year will be the year 🤞🏻

Now I just gotta decide which colors to go with 🤔

#buildinpublic #apparelcompany
Working on a mockup teaser and PDP for some freaking awesome new @mtrainierwatch tees:

#buildinpublic #comingsoon
I'm working on adding @CheckoutPromos by @gilgNYC today to my @MtRainierWatch shopify storefront. It looks pretty slick so far!

If any DTC masters out there have a good strategy for a post purchase discount, please share! 😀 #buildinpublic #ecommerce #dtc
Looking at some stats from #BFCM #emailmarketing for my #DTC business (@MtRainierWatch). Looks like SMS wins over email! ✨🤳🏻 #buildinpublic

- AOV: $42
- Opens: 36%
- Clicks: 4%

📲 (all)
- AOV: $72
- CTR: 13%

📲 (VIP customers)
- AOV: $119
- CTR: 26%
Phew I think that's it. Per usual i have more todos than time, aka the life of a side hustler entrepreneur. #buildInPublic
I've got this testimonial section on the homepage of @MtRainierWatch and I made some updates. Basically now will be an autoplay carousel with more quotes instead of the 1x1 layout previously. #buildinpublic #dtc #ecommerce

Whatcha think?

Before (left) / After (right):
I'm sharing because I think its important to share failures, as Twitter is often just for sharing the positives, the wins.

Moral of the story: Running a bootstrapped small business on the side is hard. Note to self: Give yourself grace.

#buildinpublic #smallbusiness
Building @MtRainierWatch in public:

This week as time permits:
- Release a web page for upcoming markets
- Finish some blog posts with my writer
- Start integrating reviews app (junip most likely)
- Design/plan concepts for sweatshirts & baby onesie
- fix bugs

I'm working on a new meta og image for the new @MtRainierWatch website. Hows this looking? #buildinpublic #design

I like this but feel like it could be improved. Also colors against this backdrop is tricky.
Hey #dtc twitter, don't forget to share your not so pretty moments.

I've been so focused on launching my new @MtRainierWatch website I haven't spent any time on email or SMS marketing.

Soooo sales have been pretty poor lately. #buildinpublic
#ecommerce #dtc #founder post:

@MtRainierWatch had its second best sales month in June, nearly as much as January! Woohoo! 🎉

(Which is good, I needed a little boost because May was really demoralizing and I couldn't figure out why.)

I spent some time on the product page today for the new @MtRainierWatch website that is a WIP. I made some components and integrated content into @statamic!

Its super fun and coming together quickly! #buildinpublic