I want to curate the great number of startup ideas…

Particularly on info products/ digital downloads, etc

Please share your suggestions

@EliasTru4 Thank you so much, Elias!

Glad you are finding my posts on #buildinpublic useful :)
What #buildinpublic means?

When I'm telling my own story...
It helps someone else to relate to theirs
@5harath @jackbutcher Sell the story behind the story


It's such an underrated tactics, but take it casually
What are you building nowadays?
Share your projects below 👇👇

Let's get you some 👀

Friday is @gumroad payday!
Not a bad week :)


If you haven't already, sign up for Gumroad and sell your infoproduct now!
@_bkern Oh I wish that's a plan 😁
It's just my thought process...

I'm not sure which one I would end up doing. And which would resonate with my audience...

So.. It's an experiment 🧫

I like your take on it though. Maybe it's my version of #BuildInPublic

@arvidkahl may like it ☺️
@MichaelJNovotny @canva That is so cute...
Haha... #buildinpublic is catching up with next gen...
Wonder what @arvidkahl would think about it?
Do you have an experimental content strategy in mind?
Or a creative project you have been meaning to do?

Wondering if we can do this jointly?

Ping below 👇
🟡What content would you post?
🟡For 20 days

Maxed out Random visual_v5 page with 100 pages in @canva

Started on: Feb 9
Completed on: Feb 23

Got done with it quickly because of the GIFs, I tried out.

Here's a video walkthru.

#behindthescenes #buildinpublic #buildinginpublic #learninpublic
@craigburgess I got two Tweets to share ☺️

I tried a version of #buildinpublic inspired by you & @fabianarbor

Lot of friends participated.

Never ever I created so many Visuals in 24 hours.…
Hi friends,

The Weekend is here💥

Send me a quote/ idea/ concept for me to visualise🎁

Like to flex my design muscles💪
Will try my best & post it back👇
So it's rather new to me to share something behind the scenes.

Inspired by @arvidkahl sharing it in the spirit of #buildinpublic

Creating such visuals has been a joy as much it was sharing it with you all.

Thanks to everyone for your support & encouragement 🙏
From stealth mode: shh... nobody should know what we are doing

To loudspeaker mode: everybody has to know what we are up to

There is no normal 'doing work quietly' anymore.

It is a reality show.

H/t Rajan Singh

#buildinpublic #deepwork
@JamesClear I like this idea.

However I also feel it distracts me frm the actual process of creating.

Cal Newport says: 'The best marketing 4 a book is 2 write a good one.'

Would ❤️ to learn abt it more.

Especially when a lot of ppl talk about #buildinpublic & create 3rd rate products.
💠@thisiskp_ calls this #buildinpublic
💠@shl calls this #learninpublic
💠@david_perell calls this audience-first strategy

Great to see a very similar ways of thinking💪
If you are diligent about skill and audience-building, people will start asking you to give you money
- @shl
Created a benchmark to see how my #buildinpublic experiment works.

Posting my Twitter Analytics on Nov 6.
Let see how it goes.
5/ Start building

"Create more, consume less"

This is the key, however the difficult part.


Document, not create.