Watchlimits now displays the history of settings changes.
Useful? Maybe? I think it could be gamified around not changing settings while limited.

I mostly developed it for myself though. It's fun to be your own user!

#buildinpublic total active users grew to 60 now!

I'm having those thoughts that it will start reverting back down... as I don't have much time to spent on marketing now.

But something I did in the end of June definitely keeps yielding results.

Sending emails to my subscribers/customers is one of the most uncomfortable activities for me.

Not sure why I find it so stressful and awkward, but it's real! Do you also struggle with it?

The numbers are still very small, but over last month the number of active watchlimits users tripled! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

17 -> 51!

This is not just downloads or installations as uninstalls happen, it's users that have it on.

I am finishing July with 6 articles written on the watchlimits blog!

They are a mixture of how to articles, new feature announcements and long form content!

It was a lot of work!

My Ultimate Guide to limit time on YouTube is slowly coming along, thank you everyone who provided helpful tips!

If only writing Ultimate Guides didn't take so much time πŸ˜‚! I plan to release it this week!

Wondering if your landing page could be converting better?

If you are like me and have no idea what you are doing, check out this checklist I found:

I'm going to use it for this week 😱 - I'm scared already.

#buildinpublic userbase is still tiny, but last week it grew by ~30%: 21->30.

I don't think that this rate of growth is sustainable... but one can dream right? 🀣

Woot, woot! now has password protection!

This is a great feature for those of us that don't have the strongest will. Just a bit of friction can go a long way.

I wrote a howto post:…

I computed how many landing page views convert into free users and then into paid users (5% assumption) for and at a current rate I would need 100 months to reach my goal of 100 paid users.

I'm not patient enough!
My little project success has totally exceeded my expectations!

I wrote up my inspiration, where did the idea come from, the results and what I plan to do next here:…

A bit unexpectedly, is also an SEO success, it got on the first page of Google within a week of launching!

This is the power of being a winner for a niche category!

My tiny project netflixcalculator continues to be easy to promote. Good reddit - 40k views on reddit, ~1k views on the site itself.

I have more plans for promotion next week. My approach is to do many mini-launch experiments, learn and iterate.

Today I installed hotjar for watchlimits and it blew my mind 🀯:…

Do yourself a favor! Install it on your landing page.

Watchlimits still has 0 paying customers (if you don't count me...), but I am not losing hope!

It's still early on, just the chances of actually completing the #100in100challenge are small :).

But hey, I'm not out of things I want to try out!

I just bought another domain, it's

what would you put on it? I think it has a really cool potential and I could take it in lots of directions! Even with subdomains!

OMG! My latest side project - Netflix Calculator - has been on the front page of hacker news for the last 4 hours!

Yes, it's pretty niche! But I am getting some real traffic from this! I honestly expected crickets... and it totally exceeded my expectations!

This week I launched the first premium feature of watchlimits - you can add allowed channels that don't count against watch time limits.

Do you use YouTube for learning not just entertainment? You don't have to feel guilty about it.…

Little sneak peek...

I'm working on a mini-sideproject for a netflix calculator where you can analyze your watch history.

I'm having too much fun with animations :).

I'm making a great impact here. 5 clicks from search on watchlimits, thank you Google for celebrating my SEO achievement 🀣!