Uploading lesson 6 of LearnToCode to YouTube. That's around 10-12 hours of content in a week or so.

Will keep going until I cover every subject you need to learn to code from scratch to full stack engineer (incl mobile)

Writing lesson 3 of learn to code. This is a megasode. Trying to compress into under 90 minutes.

$50K/mo net profit is the goal for 21 September 2023. LFG 😀

I quit my $15k/mo freelancing yesterday, now all in on indie hacking and YouTube
Recording first lesson for, first one will go straight to YouTube, will build entire course in public


Will take anyone from zero to full stack engineer with all the technologies you'll ever need as an indie hacker or an employee/freelancer
Clocked in today at 12.8% BF (I’m weirdly recomping) this morning.

Roughly at 1,700 cals, but burning ~2,800. This is too much, will increase intake.

My boys have come to visit too, so 🍺 o’clock

Next 7 days may fuck things up.

#fitinpublic #buildinpublic
First mini goal 🎯 on the path to rebuilding my life.

Get to 10%-12% body fat, in public.

Roughly 15%-17% right now.

First check-in photo tomorrow morning. This is going to hurt.

βœ… My bio robot has been updated to give my live cash position in the portfolio

πŸ’° Just to make it clear how important it is right now

#buildinpublic #investinpublic
πŸ’° Portfolio has done 43% annual return for last 2 years. I’m the best investor in the 🌎🀣

🎚 S&P 500 would be the gray line

#buildinpublic #investinpublic
😱 If founders πŸ’ͺ about Gross Volume on Stripe, always ask what Net Volume (minus Refunds & Disputes) is.

In my experience it usually quite different, by a lot.

This is last 7 weeks.

I know, I said, I'll wait until I get to 100 on the list for (currently 64 people) to build it...

But I couldn't wait, here's the intro πŸ‘‡

p.s. there won't be any high ticket price BS just monthly subscription with community & support

Does #buildinpublic include your body?

Did shoulders (5x 58kg, 6x 53kg, 8x 48kg) and deadlifts.

8x 98kg
6x 122kg
3x 148kg

Here’s the last set πŸ‘‡
πŸš€ Portfolio up from $512k to $550k, around 28% CAGR over last 2 years, whilst market did 5% CAGR

#buildinpublic #investinpublic

As indie hackers we should be investing in public too!

This will likely tank over the next 12 months.
First bit of revenue on @icjobsapp, from idea to first bit of revenue was 3.5 weeks. Best time ever. Let’s see how long it takes to get next listing 😌

What business could an indie hacker start that actually thrives and grows in a recession?

#buildinpublic #indiemaker #indiehacker
#BuildInPublic just shipped a new product, #InternetComputer job board!
πŸŽ‰ ICJobs is now LIVE! ✨

#1 (and only πŸ˜‰) Jobs Board just for #InternetComputer!

80% off discount code: LAUNCH

(further 20% off if you pay with $ICP)

Post your job here:…
@AnthonyCastrio I guess #BuildInPublic should mean sharing this kinda thing too.

Looking through latest 100 failures, it's either blocked (fraud), or do not honor or insufficent funds. Nuts.

Anyone else have this issue?
Added uptime to profile updater bot. Runs across all startups. Curious to see what the real uptime is.