🛑 I've had a user tell me they see an error while using @StackblocksApp but there is no way for me to see that. I had to explain what a console is and make them take a screenshot.

Not any more, I've setup @getsentry & capturing errors should be easy!

The welcome emails for people trying out my side projects are now powered by @n8n_io

(A table in Notion is the intermediate emails database which saves state on whether the email is sent or not)

I was feeling a bit down today, just until this arrived.

I love it when people find things I make helpful 🥳

I'm thinking of changing @letterhive_app's tagline from "a permanent archive for your email newsletters"


"A permanent home / SEO-friendly blog / Password protected archive for the emails you send"

I feel this is clear and explains well.
Quick update: made a few improvements to the sites.

The archives generated by @letterhive_app are fast and optimized, by default. ⚡

First run (or first harvest) of @letterhive_app 🎉

I setup an archive for my weekly newsletter, which is here -

Customizing the website/archive is mostly done for @letterhive_app

✅ Custom CSS
✅ Head tags
✅ Adding content (near head & footer)

Next up - deploying and subdomains to the websites

In today's newsletter, I wrote about the first week of developing @letterhive_app 🧑‍💻

- Tech I'm planning to use
- Deciding what to work on
- What worked and what did not

I've started working on @letterhive_app couple of weeks back. Could not spent good stretches of time on it. Was working whenever I got some time. I wrote about it in my recent newsletter

I have the domain & I will deploy once I have it working for my newsletter

I'm enjoying building "What Time?". A little iOS shortcut that helps convert time from any tz to my local tz.

But as it's on mobile, and I don't have mobile with me always, I'll try to adapt it so I can use on computer.

Thread of things I'll be trying...

On this note, I've been spending some time in figma considering few options for the design.

Working on UI and design of the app doesn't feel like progress to me because its finish doesn't mean it is shipped.

Which is wrong.

When I spend time on design, a lot decision making is done and it takes less time to actually code it up and ship.
Starting a weekend thread on the updates for @StackblocksApp


- Ship advanced customisation like font and background colours
- Ship the ability to choose a Google Font
- Custom CSS (stretch goal)

Goals for today are to make it usable and make the onboarding flow better for @StackblocksApp 🧑‍💻

And the most important - Show the code snippet which lets user embed their substack archive. 💻

Here we go #buildinpublic
I'm building this weekend. 👷🏽 Spending some hours to get @StackblocksApp to an MVP with substack support.

This is a progress thread.