First 50 users took 20 days. Second 60 in 5 days πŸš€πŸš€.

is growing slowly but steadily.

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@BonsaiDash Chrome doesn't have its APIs available to places other than the background and new tab. This makes it a challenge to maintain a single code for both the new tab widgets and content widgets. (2)

@BonsaiDash Making the command panel available to all your tabs has been a challenging task.
1. Injecting react app into existing website.
2. Make sure the website's style is not taken over.
3. Maintaining the same codebase for both new tabs and other tabs. (1)

Spotlight for your browser. A command panel to provide quick access to options that you really need.

Come and join @BonsaiDash in the journey of making you more productive.

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One of the first milestone for @BonsaiDash
, it crossed 50 users today πŸ’₯

Best version is yet to come.

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When Figma challenged me to try to make a cover for @BonsaiDash

How can I improve this?

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@BonsaiDash @googlechrome Just to put things in perspective, Edge store takes 5-7 days. Imagine users have to live with bugs for 7 days.

#indiehackers which tool do you prefer to create product banners?

I'm gonna learn it today. Tired of having screenshots as banners, they make the product look substandard.

Just made you a little more productive by bringing tab, bookmarks, & history search on a single command. (Cmd + K)

Did you know you can configure Chrome extension shortcuts at "chrome://extensions/shortcuts"?

With that,
You can search tabs, bookmarks & history just by pressing:
> Cmd + K on Mac
> Ctrl + K on other platforms

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#indiehackers what are some low cost analytics platforms? Like google analytics.

I asked AI to write a rap song about how @BonsaiDash can help you focus. It is just kickass.

Here's link to the full rap:…

How can you stay focused on today? I have wondered about this a lot.

Here's how I use @BonsaiDash to plan & focus on today.

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Wrote a simple feedback form that prompts users when they uninstall @BonsaiDash.

I've no way to understand how users are using my product.
Feedback form is the first step to change that.

Indie hackers, how did you solve a similar problem?

Another weekend another feature for @BonsaiDash

Now you can view/search open tabs, bookmarks & history with a single click (and soon with a keyboard shortcut).

"It is just not worth wasting clicks on something that can be achieved in a single click."

I'm building a productivity powerhouse in your new tab @BonsaiDash

Feature in development?
With just a single click, you can accomplish tasks in your browser that currently require multiple clicks.

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Took a break today.

Getting into the feature hell and don't know why I'm building more features in @BonsaiDash.

How do you come out of it?

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#buildinpublic @IndieHackers community,
Any resource to learn firebase authentication with mv3 chrome extension that is written in react?

(Yes I prompted this to gpt already πŸ˜…, didn't find good answer)

Your help would be appreciated
(1/2) I'm building @BonsaiDash

The need to integrate login is increasingly important for the following reasons:

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After SEO work yesterday, @BonsaiDash ranked # 103 in #productivity.

The reason for working on SEO within the first week of launch is to utilize the organic reach chrome store provides you.

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Who's up to spend some time with my extension @BonsaiDash and roast it?

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