I've searched for ways to streamline my idea-capturing process with @NotePlanApp and found its wonderful Discord community.

They helped me find the solutions and inspired my first #buildinpublic project.

After some hours of tinkering in @AWSAmplify, here is the result.
@torreydawley Great question!

It was the fear of doing marketing and sales myself and the lack of perspective I could live from.

But now, with the #buildinpublic folks, I have no doubts anymore.
Asking the #solopreneur and #buildinpublic crowd:

I couldn’t find any good info on Twitter Professional.

Do you recommend it? And why?
As a solopreneur, the clock is always ticking to turn your ideas into reality. That’s why I’ve been using @raycastapp AI to streamline my workflow. Here are the top 5 ChatGPT prompt types I’ve found most helpful:

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If you would start a new full-stack app now. Would you choose Ruby on Rails or Elixir Phoenix? And why?

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My current time ratio for creating and promoting is 70/30.

What is your ratio?
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With the @raycastapp AI at my fingertips, there are no excuses.

Even I've never coded in Swift or Objective-C. The answer is so straightforward to follow that I have to do it.

Let's see if I can code the whole thing with the help of only asking the AI.

Do you cross-post to Instagram?
If yes, why?

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