Ok, we have #buildinpublic but is #traininpublic a thing?

Please don't answer with pictures of public trains 😝
Coding involves 80% of the time thinking & problem solving and 20% actually writing the code.

With Github Copilot that 20% got shrunken down to 10% or even more.

It's like tab completion on steroids.

Nowadays making money is not the challenge any more.

It’s about doing what you love AND make money with it or something related to it.

Becoming a Solopreneur is a great way to achieve that.

I was confused that there are two similar hashtags:

#buildinpublic VS #buildinginpublic

Seeing the data, it's clear which one to pick ;)
I've made my first dollar as a digital creator with my travel content.

It's not much, but I want to celebrate every little win 🥳

I just want to share this to say: it's possible guys; do what you are curious about and create value. People gonna reward you 🙏

If I reach 100 followers, I'm getting Twitter Blue.

I feel like if I can't attract 100 fans, it's not worth it to spend money to push the reach.

What are your reasons for getting verified, and did it help you to grow?

Have you wondered if you should use hashtags or not?

Based on Hypefury's data, you shouldn't use hashtags.

It's actually hurting engagement because people see something blue and click on it.

Exceptions are community hashtags like #ship30for30 or #buildinpublic
I've searched for ways to streamline my idea-capturing process with @NotePlanApp and found its wonderful Discord community.

They helped me find the solutions and inspired my first #buildinpublic project.

After some hours of tinkering in @AWSAmplify, here is the result.
@torreydawley Great question!

It was the fear of doing marketing and sales myself and the lack of perspective I could live from.

But now, with the #buildinpublic folks, I have no doubts anymore.
Asking the #solopreneur and #buildinpublic crowd:

I couldn’t find any good info on Twitter Professional.

Do you recommend it? And why?
As a solopreneur, the clock is always ticking to turn your ideas into reality. That’s why I’ve been using @raycastapp AI to streamline my workflow. Here are the top 5 ChatGPT prompt types I’ve found most helpful:

#solopreneur #ChatGPT #buildinpublic

If you would start a new full-stack app now. Would you choose Ruby on Rails or Elixir Phoenix? And why?

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My current time ratio for creating and promoting is 70/30.

What is your ratio?
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With the @raycastapp AI at my fingertips, there are no excuses.

Even I've never coded in Swift or Objective-C. The answer is so straightforward to follow that I have to do it.

Let's see if I can code the whole thing with the help of only asking the AI.

Do you cross-post to Instagram?
If yes, why?

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