the further I get as a solo founder, the more I lean on low/no code solutions #buildinpublic
I’ve tried @figma @loom and @webflow for the first time this week. the product experience in these modern tools is awe inspiring
building a programmatic seo strategy this week. it’s been a nice exercise to see all the possible connections to my product #buildinpublic
#marketing idea: pay your users to write guest posts for the company blog. build relationships with your users and receive content written in the most important perspective #buildinpublic
I’m now the proud owner of, stay tuned to hear more! #buildinpublic

if you have a newsletter and had sponsors in the past, I’d love to hear from you.
I’m seeing opportunity in newsletter sponsorship tools as @ConvertKit sponsor network increases appetite for brand deals
august was great for focused engineering work! building and innovating to prepare for a marketing push in september once workplace engagement starts climbing back up #buildinpublic
Content release day traffic spike from the new @LatencyLingo article! Missed my goal of one article every 3-4 weeks by a small margin, but will be better next time. #buildinpublic…
I always enjoy coming back to revise my landing page after an engineering sprint. This time I'm changing from explaining features to explaining benefits. Here is an example, what do you think #buildinpublic?
what tools or resources can I use to help calculate total addressable market (TAM) for my industry? I’ve found a few market research reports available starting at $2k, do others have experience with these? #buildinpublic
I’ve heard mixed opinions about starting concurrent projects. I think there is value in having a diversified product suite.

my plan is to introduce a hackathon-style sprint every 6-8 weeks to get these ideas off my mind

last week as a solo founder:
- launched a new product version.
- found an opportunity to raise funding.
- accepted a contract role for side income.
- discussed a future business partnership.

I doubt I’ll ever beat that amount of role changing, but who knows! #buildinpublic
I've been spending a lot of time on integration tests, error tracking, performance monitoring, QA testing, and backward compatibility. Overengineering or caring for my user experience? #buildinpublic
here's a sneak preview of a color rebrand I'm working on! green is the new version, what do you think #buildinpublic? I've noticed that purple is quite overused in the SaaS space and green is my favorite color 😄
the result of a successful engineering week. LGTM! #buildinpublic
which products would you use if you were building an email marketing and CRM stack today? #buildinpublic
I’ve recently considered taking funding after years of wanting to bootstrap a business by myself. it’s always hard to understand the decision tree until you’re experiencing it #buildinpublic
biggest week for @LatencyLingo so far!

- completed a successful sprint of marketing weeks.

- received actionable feedback from first few engaged users.

- blog featured in newsletter.

- scheduled first big media slot.

- engaged with VC fund as an exercise.

reminding myself that I can be embarrassed about my product sometimes, otherwise I waited too long to ship it #buildinpublic
I had a deep, technical conversation with a potential user today and it revealed how much more engineering work I have to do. it’s a relief that my marketing is finally ahead of my engineering work #buildinpublic
what do you use for product tours through tooltips? I’m leaning towards react-joyride, but some paid solutions like intro.js are intriguing

thankful for the great landing page feedback I received this week.

most important was that I should be more clear about who the target audience is and why they should care. sharing for others that also need to hear it #buildinpublic