List of metrics that can make or break a SaaS

I've compiled this list as these are the ones that'll be available in @ProductPottery initially.


Working in parallel on a client's project, team meeting in between, and my first #buildinpublic product.

I have really turned into a multi-tasker now.

"I added a border and a drop shadow to a button today"

count as #buildinpublic? 🤔
Getting very little time to work on @ProductPottery due to regular work. Looks like this weekend is going to be very busy.

Designed post page for @ProductPottery using Bootstrap.

Will think about moving to Tailwind later.

What is the best #buildinpublic advice you had for your project?
I will be honest! There is a confusion about @ProductPottery after initial feedbacks. What if I continue to work on it and nobody uses it?

Pivot or No Pivot? 😖 Didn't know it'll come down so quickly to this, but may be it's better that it did this soon.

Had been thinking about possible alternate paths for @ProductPottery. Also had conversations with a few people who are building in public to know about their processes. This will take a while I guess, but it's fun 😀.

So a very good first experience with #buildinpublic. Got to know about another similar product that's being developed for about two years now. Early feedbacks are best. Now taking a step back to rethink about the product.
Just shared a little backstory of @ProductPottery here, while I am developing it.…

What is the most irritating thing you face when you #buildinpublic?
I am not going to use any fancy new tech for @ProductPottery while I #buildinpublic. Just going to stick to the stack I am most comfortable working with.

The aim is to ship the product as soon as possible.
So first things first.

✅ Domain purchased
✅ Twitter page created
✅ A basic logo created
✅ Tech stack finalized

All set to start the journey of #buildinpublic 😀
Starting a new side project that I will be building in public. This is the first time I am building something in public so kind of nervous and excited at the same time. 😀
My learning after many launches,

You have to launch and relaunch and yes it's scary.

But there is no other option.

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@ValueTools 1.4.0 is released now with two new tools.
Quick Series Generator Tool for generating sequential data and Case converter tool.

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