I've recreated the classic yellow highlight effect associated with find tools within

All built natively in @Bubble with RegEx and a great little plugin called 'Keystroke Input Trigger' which tracks the changing search input.

My initial thought is setup another bubble account to run the backend.

Then create a webhook on my frontend account to connect the two.

But are there other #NoCode solutions better suited for running a backend process like this?

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There must be quite a few in the #BuildInPublic community.
Are you living in Bali on the new digital nomad visa? I would love to chat about your experience for a feature in @thetimes. Please DM me or email on [email protected]
Thank you #journorequest #prrequest
Any @Bubble tips to get rid of the flickering that occurs when you scroll to the bottom of a RG?

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What effects give polish to a SaaS product?

I want to add the finishing touches to

I'm thinking:
- Transitions on mouse hover
- Mobile menus that fade in/out
- Skeleton loading screens

Any resources I should check out?

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🤔 Asking for credit card info upfront to activate a free trial.

I'm on the lookout for examples where this has been executed well.

I've had 80 trial users, but only 1 paid sign up. I want to switch it up to see if I can increase conversions.

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Phew, the transition is complete. 🔨 is now a single page app in the new @bubble responsive engine.

As everyone says - make the switch to the new engine now!

Design changes are soooooo much easier.

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Just ran into my first :filter issues with Bubble.

What I thought would be a simple search over a few thousand records, chugged for 20 seconds before completing.

What are the best workarounds to solve the :filter conundrum?

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The single page app redesign in the new responsive @Bubble engine is going well.

1. Switched from custom states to URL parameters
2. Each old page is now a 'tab' saved in a reusable element

Any other tips for a SPA rebuild?

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OK, I'm doing it. 💪

Time to learn the new responsive engine in @bubble and start the rebuild of Sourcee as a one page app.

Recommendations of tutorials that teach the basics of the new engine?

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Anyone figured out a way to achieve this in @bubble?

As in, some sort of shape/group that is responsive to a variable in a text element?

Or is it just easier to do a bit of custom CSS?

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Added in a simple count that tells users how many journo requests their keywords would have hit over the last 3 months.

P.S. This clip took waaaay to long to make on Windows.

Is there a native trim/crop video editor like the snippet tool?

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As a #NoCoder, I've just spent the last 10 hours struggling to write about 20 lines of JavaScript.

I already love @Bubble, but it's at times like these you really appreciate how easy the platform makes it for non-tech founders like me!

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I pushed out the MVP of without much regard for efficiency.

As user activity increases, I don't want to waste capacity.

My aim for the next few months is to keep trimming workflows until I've got a super lean app.

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Here it is.

SSO for Google and Twitter.

Check it out 👉

Frontend made by me in @Bubble, the backend is powered by @Pathfixhq

I'll be watching for an uptick in conversion rate.

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The SEO journey has begun!

The is built entirely in Bubble.

It's barebones atm but gets the job done, will add in a search sidebar, newsletter sign up etc when I can.

Any great blogs #BuiltWithBubble I should check out?

The SEO journey for has begun! 🚀

Really happy with how it turned out, built entirely in bubble.

It's barebones, but it will be easy to add in sidebar content, newsletter sign ups, author footers etc. when I get the time.

My most common use of -- :format as text -- is to change values in live/test environments.

'Isn't live version' always messes with my head though.

I have to think very carefully before placing the yes/no value 😅.

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