Update: Now it's NSVisualEffectView with a mask image. Additionally, I animate the fill, stroke, and shadow alongside the main shape to make a smooth transition. The next step is to move it into a borderless overlay window and put the content view inside. #buildinpublic #macos
Weekend update — experimenting with animation speed, easings, background colors, strokes, and shadow. #buildinpublic
Next step: experimenting with animation. I added a little overscroll to allow a fun bouncing effect which goes well with the custom easing function. #buildinpublic
Now it almost behaves as intended. Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow. #buildinpublic
That's much better. With a few more tweaks, it will be ready for animations. #buildinpublic
It turned out not as I expected. I guess morphing is not the best way to implement it. #buildinpublic
Started implementing a fun feature for Taskheat. It all begins with morphing two CGPaths. Stay tuned for more updates. #buildinpublic