✨@krumzi_official update ✨

Here are the most important changes:

πŸ’Έ Added a free plan for the recruiters
πŸ’³ Added discount codes
🎨 Redesigned the landing page
πŸ—ΊοΈ Added job location restrictions and tags for each job
πŸ€– Added 2 new job crawlers

@Noam_Sachartov The #buildinpublic community would be a good place to start.

Also, there is a ton of useful content created by fellow indie hackers on πŸ‘€
The first big feature coming to in 2023 is adding a free plan for the recruiters ✨

Here are the reasons behind choosing freemium model over free trial, after countless hours of research and brainstorming πŸ‘‡

Been working on @krumzi_official today:

- added location restrictions when posting remote jobsπŸ—ΊοΈ
- added tags to the job cards on the job board page πŸ‘€
- restricted job description preview to 4 lines to have cards with approx. the same size 🎨

Since manually adding jobs on @krumzi_official was too time-consuming, I have automated the process by crawling the careers pages of remote-friendly companies - currently 5 πŸ€–

Will try to crawl at least 2 new career pages every week πŸ‘€

It was quite a productive day πŸš€

Just finished the last details and also fixed a filtering bug πŸͺ²

Here is a short demo of everything that I implemented today πŸ‘‡

Added pagination too βœ…

Also now you can see the active filters and remove them without launching the modal πŸ‘€…
Added a job candidate search initializer for recruiters

Filters can be created automatically based on a job or manually πŸ€–

More filters coming soon πŸ‘€

How do you manage newsletters for your SaaS?

I'm looking for something that can be integrated via REST API (not embedded components) πŸ‘€

I'm still blown by the fact that even though I'm not doing any marketing for @krumzi_official, job seekers just keep on coming and signing up (the average is ~4 accounts/day) 🀯

Wish that would be the case with the recruiters as well πŸ˜…

Yesterday I just realized that @krumzi_official doesn't offer a free trial

After implementing payments I thought "I will do it later this month" 🀑

I here I was wondering why I haven't found paying customers yet 🀯

I was too lazy to write a pagination component, so I had the AI generate one for me 🀯

Will soon integrate it with multiple pages on @krumzi_official

A bit late, but here are the stats for @krumzi_official for November πŸ‘‡

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» 897 Unique visitors
πŸ‘€ 2936 Page views
πŸš€ 112 Sign-ups
πŸ’΅ $0 MRR

It's πŸ“‰ since the previous month but it's normal since I focused mostly on coding recently

Should I replace the infinite scroll on the jobs page of @krumzi_official with a simple pagination?

I am thinking that it might be easier for users to navigate when they want to change the filters πŸ‘€

What activities do you guys do to disconnect from working on your startup?

I recently started playing video games (again) and it's working, but I also feel like I'm not productive enough πŸ“‰

On the other hand, before this, I would burn out almost every day 🀯

For some reason, google is not indexing my pages with the reason "Page with redirect".

I have double-checked all of them and there are no redirects and the canonical URLs are all fine.

This has been going on for over one month. Any idea how it can be fixed?

#buildinpublic #seo
#buildinpublic update πŸš€

Integrated OpenAI into @krumzi_official

Now, when posting jobs, fields such as technical skills, required experience, etc are automatically populated from the job description using AIπŸ€–

Now you can post a job in less than 1 minute⏱️

#hiring #hr
Updated's resume builder todayπŸ‘‡

πŸ”You can now change the template on the same page and see the preview
πŸ‘€Added a link in the sidebar for an easier navigation
πŸ“°Compatible with A4-sized paper when printed

More templates are coming soonπŸ‘€

Jobs managed using @krumzi_official and jobs managed using external tools are now differentiated by the apply button text and the below sectionπŸ‘€

#buildinpublic #remotework #jobseekers
@krumzi_official is now asking users if they applied when clicking on external apply links to help them track their applications and have more accurate data πŸ“ˆ

Redesigned and enhanced the job seekers dashboard today. 🎨

Added some more useful metrics that could help track your job search progress πŸ“ˆ

Here are the before (left) and after (right) πŸ‘‡

#buildinpublic #ui #ux #design #webdesign #jobseeker #remotejobs #remotework