Caught up with a great founder who went on the same journey as us, 5 years ago. Key takeaways:
- Laser focus on core problem you're solving
- You're probably not charging enough
- Don't chase the shiny new thing
- Don't be afraid to pivot
Blown away with the ease of use and look of Webflow. Able to create something that looks amazing in 2 days. Something that would have taken 6 months #buildinpublic
What is the best way to proxy our homepage to a Webflow CMS? The problem is right now our homepage is part of our app itself. #buildinpublic
Recently someone bought google ads to our saas mysteriously. Last week, dozens of accounts tried subscribing to our paid plans in a coordinated way with credit cards. Anyone have any theories on why people are throwing money at us? Should I take out a lotto ticket? #buildinpublic
Going to start to #buildinpublic to share the trials and tribulations of a startup founder!