Today our transcription service for our videos was a little slow. Turns out we had a backlog of 19,000 videos in the queue.

Time to start limiting and monetise this usage ๐Ÿ˜‚ #buildinpublic
How do @stripe and @ChartMogul folks deal with upcoming scheduled churns? You know they'll cancel, has anyone had success convincing them to stay? Offer discounts or annual plans perhaps? #buildinpublic
Has anyone A/B tested hero images for SaaS and if so what were the results? #buildinpublic
Results are in from our web design update, signups they highest theyโ€™ve been all year! Should have done this sooner. Next step to optimise the hell out of it!
Big change happening on the ScreenApp side; we're moving away from a free trial mode and going straight for full featured but limited Freemium model. Wish us luck! #buildinpublic
Another comparison between old landing page and new. Not the biggest difference compared to our pricing page (for SEO reasons) but this allows us to rapidly iterate and optimise with Google Optimize #buildinpublic
New site live at! Heres a snapshot of old vs new pricing landing page. Think we can convert more? #buildinpublic
I'll be chatting out my journey in early stage startups, getting first investment and more #buildinpublic
Ready to kick start your entrepreneurial journey? Find out why a #DayZero investor is your best bet by coming along to our AMA this week ๐Ÿ‘‰
Caught up with a great founder who went on the same journey as us, 5 years ago. Key takeaways:
- Laser focus on core problem you're solving
- You're probably not charging enough
- Don't chase the shiny new thing
- Don't be afraid to pivot
Blown away with the ease of use and look of Webflow. Able to create something that looks amazing in 2 days. Something that would have taken 6 months #buildinpublic
What is the best way to proxy our homepage to a Webflow CMS? The problem is right now our homepage is part of our app itself. #buildinpublic
Recently someone bought google ads to our saas mysteriously. Last week, dozens of accounts tried subscribing to our paid plans in a coordinated way with credit cards. Anyone have any theories on why people are throwing money at us? Should I take out a lotto ticket? #buildinpublic
Going to start to #buildinpublic to share the trials and tribulations of a startup founder!