What happens when your SEO guy puts effort into good content #buildinpublic
Chatting to our SEO guy after moving to Webflow. #buildinpublic
Sharing the same post I did last week to a much larger subreddit. Probably won’t get too much attention but would appreciate support from my #buildinpublic friends!…
#buildinpublic We reduced our average day to close on our SaaS from >14 Days to < 5. How did we do this? Thread 👇
Startups often find themselves torn between chasing revenue and defining a clear business path. Both are crucial, so finding the balance is key. Remember, the early focus on revenue validates your idea and extends your runway. #Startups #buildinpublic
Sharing our #buildinpublic project on Reddit to gather more feedback:…

Curious if this brings in any traffic or we get much good feedback!
Looking on experiementing with Reddit ads with the $100 credit. Does any #buildinpublic crew have experience or best practices?
Culmination of 3 months work since $2000. Hopefully the next 1000 will only be 1.5 months 😍#buildinpublic
What is the best way peeps are localising Webflow sites? Preferably cheap/free and more for SEO purposes

Talked Pricing strategy with a mentor/advisor today. Key takeaways:
-Introduce FOMO on low plan (show NOT included)
-Emphasise benefits on WHY to upgrade. Ie. "Upgrade to supercharge your video recording"
-Cross out monthly in Yearly to induce favorable comparison #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic fam, running through pricing strategy to increase value. We currently have 2 plans. $9 and $19 both at different levels. The $9 plan right now is popular but we have $19 conversions.
Should we test:
A) just removing the $9 plan
B) increase the prices of each?
This week I tweeted about updating our website and implementing freemium limits. Here are some early results. Despite being Saturday we had our best day and best week so far this year! #buildinpublic
Thread below on what we did 👇
Today our transcription service for our videos was a little slow. Turns out we had a backlog of 19,000 videos in the queue.

Time to start limiting and monetise this usage 😂 #buildinpublic
How do @stripe and @ChartMogul folks deal with upcoming scheduled churns? You know they'll cancel, has anyone had success convincing them to stay? Offer discounts or annual plans perhaps? #buildinpublic
Has anyone A/B tested hero images for SaaS and if so what were the results? #buildinpublic
Results are in from our web design update, signups they highest they’ve been all year! Should have done this sooner. Next step to optimise the hell out of it!
Big change happening on the ScreenApp side; we're moving away from a free trial mode and going straight for full featured but limited Freemium model. Wish us luck! #buildinpublic
Another comparison between old landing page and new. Not the biggest difference compared to our pricing page (for SEO reasons) but this allows us to rapidly iterate and optimise with Google Optimize #buildinpublic
New site live at! Heres a snapshot of old vs new pricing landing page. Think we can convert more? #buildinpublic
I'll be chatting out my journey in early stage startups, getting first investment and more #buildinpublic
Ready to kick start your entrepreneurial journey? Find out why a #DayZero investor is your best bet by coming along to our AMA this week 👉