Just started the awesome Intro to Climate course! Been such a treat to watch @AdamolaC #buildinpublic and am so excited to learn, learn, learn!!!!

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Today we designed the first version of activities, challenges, and other elements for the chatbot experience we're building.
Combining conversational design, interactive audio, habit formation, and mindset techniques feels like a window into my weird career #buildinpublic
Another weekly edition of Alina & @yodanparry's #buildinpublic talks.

This week I dive into how I've been (accidentally) building communities to support habits I'm trying to develop around self-reflection & visibility.

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5. Digital workflow products are built on trust in your brand

Another reason to #buildinpublic. This is something I wish I'd done. Sales of digital products rely on personal brand trust. Makers like @thelindazhang & @janelgsm have done a great job by launching newsletters first.
3. Make an outline & validate it!

If you share everything you know, it will be undigestible & dense. Instead, create an outline and share this outline as you #buildinpublic. You'll gather insights & build a pre-launch list. @jaywithjas and @fehler have done a great job on this!
Spent a long time off twitter, but now it's time to #buildinpublic with In early 2020, I released v.1 of a playbook based on 100s of hours spent mapping podcasters' workflows across companies & indies. I learned so much. Follow along as I beta test v.2!