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Thanks @unicornwitness f this mobile version of presentation of our lead socially relevant value-based healthcare (&climate) digital ecosystem β€œin toilet πŸš½β€…

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Yes, I know that writing in private messages is more β€œprivate”, but don't be afraid to write here! πŸ––
We are as open as possible to any criticism and would appreciate it!

Mobolaji @kuppylee thanks for retweet πŸ™ These professionals are building the modern Internet now, it is very interesting to follow each of them πŸ˜‰

Special thanks for the design of this wonderful cover photo CDO @olianayda & community @unicornwitness for tips and advice on adding professionals in web3 !πŸš€

(The list, like the Unicorn Witnesses community, is growing very fast!)

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I'm in the process of adding more GIF designs @unicornwitness to promote the community through their own GIFs, it's a very good interactive tool in my opinion and stats (improves interaction)!
Thank you @olianayda for the design again! πŸ™

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@olianayda has created f me GIF of my chosen 'looking for a teammate in the Unicorn Witnesses' photo, I upload the GIF to @GIPHY… I can't find on Twitter in the built-in search #GIPHY engine, like the GIF on the link this help promote πŸ™

We're updating this thread about ESG & Unicorn Witnesses and our path to best practices in Environmental, Social, and Governance compliance, start this thread at this link…

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The reason for the hype in ESG:
β€” Global ESG assets are on track to exceed $53 trillion by 2025
β€”… Great addition, we'll write out interesting facts in this thread, thanks @Harvard πŸ¦„

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Help us with collecting a feedback πŸ™
Please see our pitch deck on desktop πŸ–₯ & tell us what you thinkπŸ˜…
The whole Unicorn Witnesses team really needs your critique!…

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To help people cope with their ailments by means of digital water. For example paruresis: 200+ million people worldwide (by paruresis .org). They are waiting for a solution!
πŸ‘€ @unicornwitness build @MuteitHelper

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@unicornwitness @Jacqfuller @MuteitHelper That's it. We're found that people can save a lot of money. If you live in Edinburgh and use water to cover toilet sounds, you may save about $90 every year and huge mount of fresh water!
Thanks to @thebetternotion for the invitation… & to our dear CTO @khristenko_e & COO @NikitaKhristen3 for being able to attend this meeting on behalf of @unicornwitness πŸ™ Apologies for not coming, busy time, DM @thebetternotion back, let's #buildinpublic !

Just wrapped up an incredible chat w/

On end of year reviews, systems and principles.

Missed out?

Catch the recording belowπŸ‘‡
Growing with the community is very exciting, thanks to @discord for such an awesome tool
& to @unicornwitness for the opportunity to grow in the digital product creators communityπŸ¦„

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Thank you @MariaZaytseva18 as @unicornwitness & @MuteitHelper CFO for these great words & helping us get our finances & risks in order!
Yes, I know Maria that I haven't sent the full report on the finances yet for a full audit, so to speak, will be ready soon☺️
Team @unicornwitness is becoming more experienced and successful every day!We wouldn't be where we’r today if it weren't for our hard work,competence and creative ideas!You’r always supportive and encouraging,you help with every idea and every case,you’r fun and easy to work with
Teammates, @unicornwitness, friends, what ideas do you have for text-to-picture AI?

What innovations could we introduce to the "in the toilet" ecosystem related to generating pictures with #AI?

@olianayda @NikitaKhristen3 @alyoniko

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@leonovco @Nick_Davidov @sberbank @unicornwitness @MuteitHelper @mutesturbate bowel assistance, predicting medicine β€œin toilet” vector, we, maybe πŸ€” need to work with pictures, I'll tell the team product @olianayda @NikitaKhristen3 @alyoniko @i99up @harshitmesaini , thanks for the question that gave me pause for thought! πŸ¦„βœŒοΈβ€¦ 3/3

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Thank you to everyone who supports us!πŸ¦„

Thanks for @unicornwitness support πŸ™β€οΈ

Let me remind you @TwitterBusiness & @TwitterSupport that my teammates' advertising offices @olianayda & @khristenko_e are banned & "under review", but could bring you profit πŸ¦„πŸš€

@Nick_Davidov @discord Will it be a closed Discord Server completely?
@Nick_Davidov @msdavidova
I want to read there announcements for example, so many do, the communication part is closed, the news part is open to all ☺️ It would be very helpful to follow you thereπŸ™

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Already got some very cool tips, I'll keep learning!✌️

Especially like the criticality of user orientation & teamwork, testing written requirements & clear formalisation, this is very close to our @unicornwitness strategyπŸ¦„β˜ΊοΈ

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Thanks to our CTO @khristenko_e for recommending @dan_abramov content βœŒοΈπŸ¦„ I call it the strength of the @unicornwitness community, see what useful information for those new & old to digital & tech (those threads f @threadapalooza react teamπŸ‘‡) ℹ️

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a hundred things i learned working on the react team @threadapalooza