DevSecAI continued... #buildinpublic #GPT4

cut down the website a bit. Now its just a main page.

Apart from cleaning up the logo, and images below I think I have made a good start for tonight!

any helpful pointers tips apart from what I just said #buildinpublic community?
a new demo page (not perfect), showing how "DevSecAI" as I'm calling it, can help you produce safer code! #buildinpublic
30 Mins later I have the first page half done. after the front page is done it'll be time for some API doodadery.

Okay, so here we go #buildinpublic


A SaaS where you can paste code etc and it'll give you a report of any vulnerabilities or attack available on your code.

Bashing out work as we speak.

Watch this fucking space
If i #buildinpublic, who will follow along with the journey?

I am thinking of a Saas application somewhat like the 2nd idea from Sydney??

Maybe a SaaS where you can paste in your code and then it'll act as your VERY OWN DevSecOps Engineer! :) #GPT4